Would you risk your life

Lillie1441October 28, 2006

or risk severe injury to save your pet?

I heard a couple of days ago about the man who risked his life to save his dog from a hungry aligator.Would you?

Personally,I don't think I would,but it would depend on the circumstances or danger involved.I know for sure I wouldn't risk being eaten or maimed by an aligator or similar animal.

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This would definately depend on the situation! I don't think I'd think about my life if something bad happened in a flash. I'd be too worried about my pet to think about myself in a quick moment. If my dog goes plummeting over a peak, I'd go and find some people to help. I love my animals, but I can't die for a dog like one would die for me. I'd go to some extreme limits, but sometimes we do have to think about our own lives.

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of course i would.but isnt it my responsibility to protect them from harm in the first place.and besides they would do it for me.

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Interesting question. As much as I love my dog, I love my children and wife more and would find it silly to leave them without me over the life of a dog. Now would I protect my dog from harm? Sure, in the alligator scenario I'd simply shoot the gator, much the same as if my dog were to be attacked by anything; coyote, bear, neighbors dog whatever. Would I run into a burning building for my dog? Sadly, no.

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Been there, done that...so I guess the answer is yes, I would.

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I'd like to think I would. And yes, I think I really would.
I'd not only do it for my dog, but I'd do it for a friend's dog. That's how I think I'd act anyway, but who knows? Maybe I'd run for the hills ,crying like a sissy. I've never had to make that decision.

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webkat5, I'd love to read your story if you care to share it.

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Yes, without question.

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One of our recently deceased dogs risked her life for my husband .. she awakened him in the middle of the night when there was a fire brewing in the walls of our home (electrical). My hubby was able to get all of the pets out of the house and into the car while waiting for the fire department.

Would I risk my life for them .. yes. I too dont believe that I would be thinking about my personal safty at that point I seem to act on reflex when there is a crisis .. I love my pets. I know my husband would stop me or carry me kicking and screaming away from the danger. One of the things we jokingly tell our foster kids (they are teenagers) we tell them the saftey plan for our home and then add in there .. "IF you SEE a cat when you are running from the house grab it too"

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As a retired EMT i react to any emergency and think later,people or animals. There are a lot of us kinds running around loose.

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Lillie, what a wonderful question. Thought provoking!

Truth is, until we are actually faced with danger none of us really knows how we would react. Like many of you, I think I would act to save my dogs, but I'm not sure if I would actually risk my life.

I recall as a 16 yr old new driver going by a house in the country at night that was on fire. Summertime so the car windows were down. I could hear someone screaming for help. I ran up to the house and found out that the man had not called the fire department. I chose to leave and call the fire department rather than go in the burning building to attempt to rescue the man. Fortunately, he survived without harm. Was I a coward?

I had a dog who somehow became injured and almost bled to death while out in the woods. I carried him back to the truck ... for about a mile or so. I was finally able to stop the bleeding and eventually nurse him back to health.
I've pulled more porcupine quills than I can recall. I've called my dog back away from a bear. I have stepped between unknown pit bulls, rottweilers and german shepards that decided to attack my dogs while I and my dogs were out for a walk. Never thought twice about it.

But none of those situations were ever life threatening (at least not in my view). So I really don't know how I would react.

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While half asleep last night I heard a story on the local news (Pittsburgh).....

A woman risked her life to save her dog. I think it may have been a Pomeranian, or some other small breed. They were walking along when attacked by a Pit Bull. She fell down and laid on top of her dog to protect it, and ended up with muscle and nerve damage from the attacking dog.

I was really groggy and that was all I remember hearing.

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Have done it and will always do it. They would do it for me.

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I dont thnik it is really a choice, I think that you defend the family member, if I saw something trying to take a member of my family (cat,dog or bird),I do not think I would stop to think about my own safety, I would do what needed to be done in order to save that member. I think sometimes you need to just get in touch with your animal side.. and it is not a choice.. it is instinct.

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I protect my pets, care for them, love them. I would take a risk to save them. But, no, I would not risk my life in a very dangerous situation to save them.

And to the poster who was 16 and didn't enter a burning building,,,,you did the right thing. I know your mother thinks so.

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Good post. I have the pet locator stickers on all the windows that face the front and side of my house in the event of a fire and we haven't gotten everyone out, the fireman will know we have pets. Unfortunately, most times in a fire, animals scatter and hide. Fortunately my dogs are big enough, and listen well enough that I think I could get them out safely in the event of a middle of the night fire. The cats are a different story. These stickers are available at most pet store chains.

I would like to think I would risk my life... but a good point about leaving my child motherless. Tough one.

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Yes. Without hesitation.

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You better believe it. Those furry stinkers are my life.

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I think like a poster above, my first responsibility is to my human family. In a crises situation, fast thinking and prioritizing moves is critical. Some lifestyles may be an asset to that end.

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The question doesn't ask about prioritizing who you would rescue it just asks if you would risk your life to save your pet such as if it was being sized up by an aligator. Get with the program.

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Well then, I reckon only a fool would risk his life to save an animal! If in fact it would really be a life ending situation for the saviour But then too, some familys may be better off with the life insurance benefit than a stupid member?? Is that with the program!! I still say its priorities and the ability to think with reason.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

No. Only because I would worry to much who would take care of them if I were gone. I am their life. Well, they are mine too, but I have to live to take care of them.

I have it in my will that if anything happens to dh and I simultaneously that they will be put to sleep.

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I would do what I could.
One of my dogs who crossed over had saved us. A log fell out of the stove (we heat with wood) she barked but not so we would tell her to be quiet it was bark pause bark pause, made me get up and check. There was a log smoltering on the rug.

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I would die for mine, period!
she is all I have left for the most part.

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As an animal lover and dog trainer/nut I know that in most situations I would act first think about it later. I have stepped in and broken up more than one dog fight, not even my dogs! I am a dog trainer and you would not believe the clueless people at dog parks. I have chased stray dogs down the street and gotten pulled over by them badly skinning my knees as thanks! The owners took two hours to come get their dogs and they only lived a mile away and were home!!
Strays here are eaten, we have many packs of coyotes looking for easy pickings, so it breaks my heart to see a loose dog.

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I'd like to think I would but I would have to be put in a situation to know for sure. It's easy to say yes but until faced with something it's hard to know what our reaction would be.

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fancifowl has answered the question here with some thoughtfulness and logic and was on "the Program" with some legitmate concerns.
Risking your life for a pet has repercussions that will affect your family members and they should be taken into consideration if you attempt something that risks your life or limb. They'll be left with the burial expenses, hospital expenses if you're not insured, major grief, children left without a parent to provide for them, etc., etc.
It's not a matter of whether you would choose your dog to save over your wife or visa versa but how your actions will impact others.
If you have no family then it's your call....

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It was a simple yes or no answer. Justification of a no answer wasn't asked for and for good reason.

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Well then Querky, you should have only read the posts with 2 words or less!. The original poster sort of invited more than a yes or no answer by adding their own personal feeling.?

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The "Yes" or undecided posts have more than a word or two....why can't the "No's?" And what would be the good reason not to?

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Well,I'll just clear this up since I was the OP! LOL I was inviting Yes,No,Dont Know and Why answers. I think that was obvious by MY answer to the question??? I was curious as to how others felt and under what circumstances they would or wouldn't,might or might not! Thank you all for responding.......Lillie

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Lillie meant well but forum users, deep down, crave structure. The question was well phrased to begin with but when you start offering up explanations as to why you wouldn't save your pet such as the emotional duress and grief it would cause your family members that gets too confusing. You might as well talk about tax law.
In the event of such an emergency, you don't have much time to think. Do I jump in front of the bus to save my pet or holy crap that bus looks really big! That's about all you got time for. I seriously doubt anyone is going to prepare for the day the leash breaks and establish a policy of letting ones pet get hit by a bus because of the grief it would case ones family if one were killed in the process. So it's a moot point. It's static. Quit braggin and answer the question. Yes you will be a hero, no you won't be a hero.

Or I guess you could say technically "I don't know" or "It depends"
What if you can't risk your life? What if it's too late? What if the alligator already has your pet in it's mouth? It's pretty much over at that point. Not much you can do even if you wanted to.

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Its like driving a car. A smart driver is always seing everything including the best place to divert to in case of an approaching menace. Smart soldiers will act in ways to preserve their lives while carrying out a mission and others will die because they cannot process info quick enuff. Some dont know what to do in a panicy crowd situation, others are gonna suvive being trampled because they have an inborn or trained defensive mechanism. Some people are destined to die from stupid actions, others are born or trained survivors. Every day there are stories of how stupidly people die, some people just have the ability to be constantly aware and can immediatly prioritize the nest move. I suppose a lot of that natural sense is lost in some segments of the population.

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Quirky your position on this is intriguing to me. I don't find the answers to this question which exceed your simple "yes" or "no" limitations in any way confusing. Rather by briefly and succinctly explaining their answers posters give a very interesting snapshot of who they are, in a much deeper way than the superficial answer you'd prefer. Very clearly we have two very different types of respondent to this question (perhaps more); those whose pets are their family and those whose pets are a part of their Human family.

You answer in your way and we'll answer in ours...but thatÂs not enough for you, you clamor for control in trying to force your position on the rest of us and sniping at those who don't conform.

I for one would absolutely assess the danger and weigh the risk against leaving my family prematurely before risking my life to save anything or anyone, and it would happen instantly thanks to the Human brain.

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Many well thought answers and all more than one or two words it looks like.
I did risk my life, or at least risked grave injury once trying to get between my pets and a rattlesnake but was perhaps 7-8 years old at the time. I didn't have the maturity to assess the situation or understand the real dangers involved. Happily all survived, including the rattler but witnessing the experience no doubt took some years off my mother's life.
more -to -grow makes good points and observations. Why can't posters answer in their own ways? And why should a public forum become limited in the length of responses?

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I guess seeing as how this is the animal debates forum and not the pets forum, I am in the mood to debate everything. No I'm not. Yes I am! No I'm not. Yes I am! Not snipping.

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Snipe away or debate away...it's a free country and each poster makes the forum more interesting. And makes me think about issues beyond going to work, paying the bills,checking homework,etc, etc.....A little wider window on the world, which I appreciate.

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Quirky, duly noted, It's all good! I like the internets.

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Good question Lillie!And I'm sure you know my answer! LOL!
Yes....without any hesitation.I chose to have these dogs and they would give their life for me.So I feel that I should protect them in any way I can.I've already stepped between Tassie and a German Shepard and between Chica and a Chow.Luckily I didn't get hurt but I could have,and never even thought twice about it,just did it.

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I have put myself at risk and been injured more than once by breaking up dog fights. Some people will do that, some won't. Doesn't make one person better than the other.

I think I would try to rescue a dog from an aligator, but I can't say for sure.

Mostly I wanted to reply to this thread, because of a post I read a while back. I can't stop thinking about it. It had to do with those stickers/signs that you put on your windows, stating what pets are inside in case of fire.
I'm not sure I would want a fireman risking his life,and leaving a spouse and children to save my pets. If I want to risk my own life..fine..but to risk another person for my pets? I don't think so.

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Beanne-What you said about the fireman also makes me think. What about the pet owners who would risk their own lives to save their pet,and as others have mentioned leave family members and children behind and also the beloved pet that they rescued,to have a life without them? What if that person was the only person who really cared about the pet they rescued and are now not there to continue that care? What happens to the pet? Or what if the pet was so totally spoiled by the owner who just died saving it,that nobody else wants it or wants to care for it and the only alternative is a shelter,or more likely euthanasia? Or if the pet mourns itself to death,then the owner's life was lost in vain? Lots of "What if's",huh?

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I don't have a family to speak of--no children, no husband (and no complaints about it, either). That leaves "da boys", and I figure if I've stayed alive some days just because I worry how one of them (Maxkitty) would cope with yet another abandonment, then I'd probably risk my life for them (Grumpycat, Maxkitty and Chewbaccacat). The only scenario I can think of is fire, and whether I wanted to or not, I wouldn't be able to stay out of the fire until I was certain I'd rescued "da boys" or they were confirmed safe.


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OK Lisa,You are a perfect example of what I was talking about in the above post. If you risked your life,saved your kitties and YOU didn't make it,what would happen to your boys? Would you do it anyway without thinking of that scenario? I know,I have too much time on my hands!LOL........Lillie

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I think most who love our pets would risk our lives within reason, or at least risk bodily injury. I really doubt I'd run into a building that was engulfed in flames,that would be suicide.

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I would. I think about how essentially helpless my dogs are- my feeling of responsibility towards them is pretty extreme. The thought of their possible suffering and death is too much to bear.

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