light brown paint with no pink undertone

prairiefoxFebruary 28, 2009

I am thinking of painting my bedroom a light brown (sort of sandy color) but I really don't want to have a pink undertone. Any suggestions? I am really horrible at picking out paint colors and would like to get it right for once.

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You are singing my tune. 80.00 later on BM paint samples jars...I too wanted NO PEACH! NO PINK - just TAN! I ended up doing 3 walls in my bedroom BM Sierra Hills and the 4th wall - SHERWOOD TAN - same color swatch just up a shade. When the light hits in full day there is barely a difference between these two shades, yet it looks so daring on the swatch. I have cathedral ceilings in my bedroom so not sure if that helps but I LOVE LOVE this combo. I had purchased the shade below it on the swatch and it had a light undertone to it that I feared would/could hit pink/peach so I went darker with Sierra and Sherwood and love it with stark white trim

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I, unfortunately, have light oak trim. How do you think those colors would look next to that? My next house will have white trim or else!

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The light tan/beige/browns are tough ones! I had my foyer painted 3 times before I was happy! The problem is that any paint we recommend is going to look different in your room and lighting, so you really need to swatch and sample ... even that didn't work too well for me, LOL. I ended up using SW Nomadic Desert for the Foyer. For other parts of the house I hand mixed Nomadic desert with the next darkest color on the strip. If you can search as far back as summer/fall 2004 you can find lots of "help me find the perfect tan/beige" posts!

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Have a correction to my post above. The color I used for my foyer was SW Kilim Beige and my hand mixed formula was Kilim Beige with the Nomadic Desert. Too many paint names/brands to keep track of!!

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Prairiefox, you might also want to buzz on over to our gallery and look for the thread on browns and taupes. Close this thread and look to the upper right above the list of threads for a link to the gallery. That thread is on page 1 or page 2 or you can do a search for it.

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Thanks everyone! I'll have to get over to a paint store soon and look up some of these. Oceanna, I'm glad you mentioned the gallery. I had forgotten about that. Of course, I had to look at many of the other eye candy pages you made too. I love the staircase one! Thanks!

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look for something with a grey or blue undertone..all browns are a combination of all colors with black go around the color wheel and find the colors you like best and blacken them down to the brown level of that color..some suggestions would be grey brown or taupe, or possibly yellow undertones such as a golden brown..

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Check out: Benjamin Moore's "Carrington Beige" (HC-93)

Hope it works for you!


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I don't know what to recommend, but would advise you to *avoid* benjamin moore monarch gold. It had no hint of peach when I looked at swatches, but in my house it has a distinct peach undertone (and in some afternoon light actually looks more peach than tan). I thought it would be a sand color, and that's what my samples looked like. I wish that I hadn't let my mom rush me to have the painter get started, and had delayed him a day so I could put some bigger sample areas up on the walls; it was just too expensive to have him re-paint, so I've learned to work with the peachy tone.

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Robin, that was the point I tried to make above ... that we can't tell someone to avoid a color because it didn't work for us in our space/lighting. The SW Kilim beige that I ended up using had been described by a few members who tested it as being "skin colored" and "fleshy" ... not the look I wanted for my walls!! But it worked for my space.

What I ended up doing was painting a very large section before I paid the painter to paint the large, 2-story foyer for a third time! Most of us need to paint a large swatch or actual wall to see the effect. It is a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

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Is there an undertone (like greenish) to SW Kilim beige? I saw 1 model home that the salesperson said is Kilim beige. But I believe I saw some greenish undertone. Thanks.

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