satin question - Kelly Moore vs Benjamin Moore

susanwritesSeptember 13, 2010

I usually hang out over on the decorating board but we're in the midst of having all the interiors painted and I've hit a stumbling block.

We're down to the main living area which is an open plan, living, dining, entry, kitchen and nook. The previous owners left me a list of the paints and colors they had used throughout the house.

They used Kelly Moore satin on all the walls. I've used Benjamin Moore eggshell in the few rooms we've repainted so far and really like it.

The painter is recommending that I don't use eggshell in the kitchen and that I go with satin instead. They tried to convince me to use semi-gloss but there's no way I want that. So I'm thinking satin as a happy medium.

The Kelly Moore satin that's up there now seems fine to me for the kitchen area (which is why I know I don't want semi gloss)

But the paint I'm using is Benjamin Moore and I wonder if both satins will be about the same sheen or not?

Thanks for any help.

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There is no universal definition for sheens that all companies use, so it's unlikely the sheen will be the same. The real question is if you need a high sheen for the kitchen anyway. Old school thinking was that kitchens and baths always had to have a high sheen. With the advent of higher performance matte and eggshell finishes from many paint companies, this is no longer the case. I painted my kitchen and bathroom with Aura matte 4 years ago, both still look like the day I painted them in spite of heavy use for both. Never met anyone that wants their walls shiny - no need to go there unless you happen to be the exception to the rule.

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Thanks so much, paintguy1! My gut was telling me to stick with the eggshell that is everywhere else in the open space so I am going to go with that.

One unexpected thing that happened with the upstairs rooms is that I specified eggshell, instead of flat, for the ceilings and I was worried about it first but it all looks fine. Now, of course, I'm wondering if I should stick with the eggshell on the ceilings downstairs or switch to flat.

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