Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Smell

pammysue52September 25, 2010

I'm wondering if anyone who has painted with Duration paint has noticed noticed a lingering smell after a few weeks? It is a very noticeable strong woodsy-chemical smell, if that makes any sense. It actually gives me a headache! It seems more noticeable on the wall where I painted with quart samples to test colors. How do I get rid of it?

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I used it for my exterior trim and didn't notice anything. I tested it on some inside trim and didn't like the rough finish and lack of sheen, so I didn't use it inside.

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Thank you for responding! I haven't heard of anyone else commenting on the odor of Duration, but it does have a distinct smell. I hope it goes away soon! I also wasn't impressed with the paint as far as applying it. It spattered alot, and yes it does have a rough finish. Maybe I will try Aura for my bathroom.

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I painted two rooms with Duration and I can hardly bring myself to go in those rooms. The paint smells like mold and mildew. I painted other rooms with the cheaper Quali-coat from sherwin williams and no smell. I will add that I painted the rooms over a year ago and still the walls are smelly. Not worth the price!!

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I have the same problem at home, just painted one entire wall, smell started weeks after painting and will not relent, will be registering a formal complaint to our local body.

Is there a home remedy for this?

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Old Indian trick. Add vanilla extract to the paint next time.
And DON'T use exterior paint inside.

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I experienced the same woody smell. I don't mind the smell of drying paint, but something about this woody smell I can't stand.

I'm concerned about the postings that say the smell was still there a year later. I'll have to wait and see. I've been having my garage door open with a fan running all day.

I just bought my house, It's brand new. First time the garage was ever painted. I have used some other products and never had any smell issues.

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Well sorry hard lesson learned some of the chemicals they put in the government does not force them to put on the can cause they say it is essential for the paint and maybe the off gases are going to be there a long time infestigate the company and insist to get all the ingrdients they put in the paint even the ones they did not list on the label on the can then research on your own about those chemical to see how damaging they are to you and the enviorment and if they are try to get your money back plus all the labor you did plus have them charged for tearing it all down and replacing the possble poisonous surface that was contaminated cause that off gas is not normal for such a lond period of time polyurethane does that and it is bad for your liver that is why I try not to use it

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We used the SW Duration interior matte finish in a large family room and the smell was lingering (at times quite overbearing) for some 12 weeks until we were able to fully air out the odor by opening all the windows in the house and running the ceiling fan in the painted room. That was something we did as much as the weather permitted this winter. We also let the furnace fan run during this airing-out time (without heat). Thankfully it is pretty well dissipated now. I won't chance using it again.

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