drsfostersmith.com pharmacy (xpost w/pets)

keepingitsimpleOctober 13, 2008

Please beware that ordering your pets prescriptions on line via DRS FOSTER AND SMITH will save you money, however it takes FOREVER to receive the drugs, your pet could die while waiting and they do not accept any responsibility. I ordered 3 different prescriptions for our animals online, and had to send in the prescriptions because they would not accept them unless faxed by the vet. Ok, I understand that. But I'm in Michigan, and they are in Wisconsin, I sent the prescriptions on Friday, October 3rd, received a call on the 9th to confirm, and they claim it took 5 days for them to receive the paperwork? I don't think it's unreasonable to assume I should have recieved them within 5 days if they ship ground service. Then I was told they would be shipped that day. NOT. Called the 10th to find out where they were, oops, they are shipping that day can expect delivery on Monday, nothing received. Spoke to supervisor and she said they were put on TRUCK Friday, but JUST LEFT TODAY AND WON'T BE DELIVERED UNTIL THE 15TH!!!! EVEN THOUGH I'M ONLY 1 STATE OVER. I'm LIVID.

Worst service I have ever seen, and they are supposed to be serving sick animals? BS!! Now I'm concerned about the quality of the medications the use.

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Didn't I already read this post somewhere else?

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I placed an order with these people,I got email one item is out of order there fore you dont have a minimum order so they canceled my order......I wrote back I said remove my name from mailing list I will never order from you people ever again.I still get a dozen catalogs but they all go in trash.........I dont even look at them......

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