dirthappyOctober 29, 2006
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dirthappy - Cody is absolutely adorable. He looks so huggable.

I'll bet he's been sniffing those beautiful roses, too.

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I love Cody and the roses. Cody looks like he's hard at work trying to figure something out. what
was he looking at?

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I think Cody might be a maltipoo also.

My Harley looks just like your Cody only Harley is black.
He will be 1 Feb 1 and is 12 lbs. I got him from a backyard breeder who sold the puppies at flea markets. It was love at first sight for us. I had to buy him.
His mom was a 7# chocolate poodle and his dad 5# maltese. I had problems getting him to potty on the grass. He preferred the cement on the patio.
He is very affectionate. He's a bit slow & not real bright. His eyes just have kind of an empty, poor me look. He wants to be where I am and underfoot ALL the time. He still has occassional accidents. Makes me crazy. We have 2 doggie doors, one at each end of the house. He doesn't seem to understand that he needs to potty outside ALL the time.
I love him to pieces in spite of his defective breeding.
My other dog is a mini black female schnoodle who was bred as an experiment & several customers requests by very conscientous schnauser breeder. She is 2 months older than Harley. She is very smart and about 8#. She is affectionate, but not as much as Harley. They have both been neutered & micro chipped. They are the best of buddies. Always side by side. Heidi is the leader, Harley is happy to follow a couple steps along side & behind her.
I keep both of them clipped in "bear" cuts with Heidis face in a modified schnauzer cut. Harleys hair is so thick & fluffy he really needs a haircut every 2 weeks rather than the every 4 weeks that I can afford.
My dogs both love flowers, they sniff, then eat some of them. They seem to prefer my knockout roses, purple pansies, gonporea & the big fushia dinner plate Luna hibiscus. They don't eat yellow flowers or salvias. They will eat tomatos off the vine, but not sweet peppers or eggplant. They also dig up & eat garlic, but not onions! They like herbs, mostly mint, oregano & basil. They don't bother the rosmary or dill. They are so funny and such a joy to be around.
They also love to tear up paper. They tear up & chew on grass & dirt and of course bring it in the house.
Gee....sorry I got so carried away!

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I enjoyed reading about you dogs. Harley sounds like a really cool dog to have around. And they love flowers, too. What a plus. Cody walks around the outside of the beds nightly in the summer. He'll stop and sniff if one catches his attention. He does seem to have an affection for roses. Can you blame him? I love the scent, too.
It really doesn't matter to me if he's a Malt or a Maltipoo or a Shepard in disguise. He's my favorite Bud and Pal. He can drive me crazy at times. He has developed an addiction to venison jerky in the last few weeks. Wouldn't leave me alone yesterday until he had some. No other treat would do. He actually sat and did his I want growl until he got what he wanted. He's so spoiled.

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I love him, he looks alot like my dog. But I realize the breeds are not the same. How big is Cody. This is my labradoodle called Dallas. She is two and runs about 70 pounds now, Shows you what love at first sight does, we were looking for a smaller dog, maybe a lap dog..........

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mooner...Dallas is so adorable. bet he's a little lover. Cody is around 12-15 lbs. No fat just a big boy for his breed. He turned 4 this past May. I forget what life was like before him.

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They are both adorable

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Great pics. I always enjoy seeing your pets.

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