What brush to use with Ace Cabinet paint???

brystersmomSeptember 12, 2009

I'm just getting started with these forums...so much great info! I need a bit of help with paint brushes. I have started to paint all of the ugly 1980's golden oak trim, doors, built-ins, etc in my home with the Ace Cabinet Door and Trim paint. I really like it, but I'm having issues with visable brush strokes. The paint manager at my local Ace suggested the Wooster nylon/poly blend brush. I bought one, but I'm not liking it. I would love any assistance/advice on the best brush to use with the Ace paint. Faron, if you're out there, can you help? You seem to be the expert when it comes to the Ace paint.

Thanks :)

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Hello Brystersmom!

Wooster (as does everyone!) has a lot of those bristle-blends. Which exact brush-series did'ja get?

If you were here in Fargo (!), I would've suggested the newer Purdy Chinex, or a Corona (harder to find...) Chinex.
* The Purdy Chinex's are in the ACE warehouse system now, as of summer '09. Avg retail ~ $12-$20 ea., depending on size.
* A very good 2nd choice would be the Purdy XL-Cub. This is a popular brush here! It has a "stubby" wood handle, enabling easy movement in tight areas. We get lots of good feedback on these!

Re the "brushstrokes".
* Often impossible to TOTALLY eliminate, but...some hints include...
* Paint in a cool area.
* Use loooonnnnggg smooth stokes...don't "dust" with your brush.
* The fewer the strokes...the better!
* Don't brush same area past 1 minute...Literally.
* Don't apply too thick, or too thin.
* Once applied evenly...with minimal strokes...LEAVE IT ALONE. DO NOT go back into it even 2 minutes later.
* If necessary, wait 24 hrs. if sanding is needed b4 2nd coat.....wellll, ya gotta wait 24 hrs. between coats anyway!
* Apply 2nd coat same way.
* On vertical elements, like Vanities, doors on-hinge, etc., 3 lighter coats often works well (eliminates odds of sagging).

>>> Be aware...full cure/hardening often takes a MONTH or so, b4 heavy items should go back on. Could even be longer if color is dark.

Hope this helps...


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Thanks for the quick response! The brush I currently have is the Wooster Ultra/Pro Lindbeck 2 1/2" angle brush. So, it seems that my best bet is a chinex brush??? I don't remember seeing any Corona brushes at my local Ace. I like the idea of the Purdy Cub with the short handle as I do have several places on my built-ins where that would come in very handy. If my Ace doesn't have the Chinex brushes, will any brand's chinex brush be alright?

I really do like the paint...and my wood trim looks 100 times better than the ugly golden oak even with the faint brush strokes.

Thanks again for your help!

Karen :)

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Lori A. Sawaya

Faron, that's a really helpful post.

You should start "clipping this post" for posts like this one that is choc-full of good information and/or discussion. The "clippings" tabbies are in the upper right-hand corner and they are darn handy.

That way all your posts will be "clipped" in on place so they can easily be found all together.

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Fun-C & Karen...
Thanks for your kind notes!

The Lindbeck should be a good brush. When you're in the "good/very good brush" category, results depend more on the paint used...AND......good technique/prep for the conditions.

Other painters have their faves. Hopefully we'll get a well-rounded opinion here....instead of just ME babbling-away...;-)


I've never used the clippings. Now I've gotta try it!!
Your thoughts/practices on color-use, etc., blow me away most of the time!
I think EVERY post of yours may end up in MY clippings!!!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Every post?! I've been saying the same things over and over for the last five or so years. All ya have to do is wait a minute and it all comes back up again. I'm kind of like gastric reflux. ΓΆΒΊ

I clip my own posts because I don't remember exactly what I said and/or in what post I said it. And every now and again someone will email me to ask me a question or for more explanation of something I talked about. It never fails that I can't find the post they're emailing about and I have to review it in order to answer them coherently -- because rarely do I remember all the gory details.

The search option here is weird and not all that helpful so I started clipping the posts that I think most people "get" as well as the much appreciated nice words that occasionally get tossed my way.

I think you can only save 50 posts at a time so you might want to be choosy.

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Funcolors, I actually think you ought to be able to start a web site of your own. Not sure what form it would take. But I think you're sort of the Mark Zuckerberg of colors. I'm with faron, I want to clip every one of your posts.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Oh my stars, Christy Moore, you are my new best friend. People have tossed many a comment my way (some good, some not so good) but the Mark Zuckerberg thing might be my favorite. lol! Thank you for the kind words!

I do have a website. It's kind of lame but it is what is at the moment. Also have a blog with podcasts. Launching end of this month I will be doing quarterly Color Outlook podcasts with a team of five top color experts in different locales across the U.S. - Garden Web's own AMYSRQ is on this Color Outlook team too.

And, of course, I'm on Twitter, FaceBook and I also admin a free forum on LinkedIN called Color & Paint Professionals.

Never a dull moment. :)

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So Faron, I've primed my cabinet box tonight and will hopefully be able to start using my Ace Cabinet & Trim paint tomorrow (for the first time not on a sample board!). I thought I'd try the roll-it-on & brush-it-out technique.

I ordered a 2.5in Purdy Chinex because I remembered you or someone else on paint talk recommending it, but I gotta admit, it's a little unwieldy. I have big hands for a woman, and I still find the handle a little awkward (all the Purdy handles got bigger lately). Any chance my Wooster Shortcut can handle the job? I'll probably give the Chinex brush a shot since I special ordered it, but the Shortcut is easier to handle and has softer bristles. I'll have to see if we can get in a Purdy Cub.

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Don't use the Shortcut on this!
Handy little brush, yes...but not up to the finish level of the better Cubs & Chinex's.

Yep-one of the Cubs would be good as well.

You may have one of the "Full" handles. Purdy also has a "Rat-tail" handle. It's flatter and smaller. These are the "Dale" models I believe.


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I know we have Dales & at least one other type of Purdys, but it seems like all the recently received brushes have fatter handles. I'll just have to get used to it, I guess...or double check what's in the warehouse & put off painting til Tuesday. Thanks, Faron!

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Jessicaml & everyone!...

Note on this Purdy page the different handle-styles.
(link below)

* The Purdy XL-Series "Glide" has the fuller handle, or "Fluted"...using their lingo.
* The XL-Series "Dale" has the smaller/flatter "Rattail" handle. For detail-type work, these are the most popular.
* The shorter-handled XL-Cubs have another style...

This is actually a pretty neat site!
A novice painter can pick up good info. by looking thru all the Purdy stuff, and reading their descriptions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Purdy-brush catalogue...

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Link check! Orbital Sanders, while quite useful in their own right, have little to do with Purdy brushes... ;)

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Was linking that on another forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: OK....THIS is the Purdy XL-series page!!

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To anyone who can answer...

I'm almost there.
~I've finally found the white I want.
BM Linen White without the "R" tint.
~I've picked the primer.
Fresh Start Oil.
~Got the brush.
Corona Chinex.

NOW , Jessica mentioned the roll on and brush finish.
I don't think I'm fast enough for that method.
I was going to just brush it all (27 cabs. and 13 drawers). But if I was to attempt to roll first should it be a foam roller ?

I just don't get the foam roller.
Never liked them.
Is it just me ?
Maybe I'm not loading it well.

I never read much about rollers here..
Maybe because unlike the color white or brushes there's not hundreds to choose from.. :)

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forboystoo - Still putting off my painting, hopefully get to it Wednesday, but the idea behind the roll & brush technique is to quickly apply the paint (thus the roller) but brushing so the roller won't leave an orange peel finish. In theory, it's fast. In practice...we'll see!

As for foam rollers...supposedly better quality foam produces better results. I have a Whizz roller I ordered through my Ace because I was contemplating painting my countertops, and that's the brand of roller that was recommended for the Rustoleum countertop paint. I think rollers get discussed less because while there is a difference in quality, it's a less pronounced difference from a good roller to a bad roller than from a $2 brush and a $20 brush.

Whenever I get around to finishing my paint project, I'll let you know how it worked out!

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If I could pass a Law, 3 covers would exist:
1) Purdy White-Dove.
2) Wooster Prodooz.
3) Corona Ultraweaves.

Unless you know what you're doing, if you spent LESS than $3 on a cover....throw it out.


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*gasp* Faron, are you dissing my Whizz roller?? ;)

I forgot covers existed that cost less that $3...but the Whizz may count. I got it in a whole set, no idea what I paid. Maybe I'll play around before I use this roller on my cabs.

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Zounds...Oh no!! I was only talkin' full-size 9" sleeves there! I should'a stated that...Crikey!

For the smaller-roller market>>>
YES....the Whizz brand stuff is very good. I love the handles too on their frames. Covers themselves are super.

I've got the small Wooster "Flip-Frame". That's a handy articulating frame!

(did I REALLY just say "Zounds" further back....??!?)

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Yes,Faron you did use the word zounds . Let's make it our word of the day !

Brystersmom & Jessicaml,

Can't wait to see the end product.
Any input and suggestions to what you've discovered along the way.
Any ZOUNDS moments...........

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LOL Zounds is totally my word of the day!!

Faron, glad to know Whizz meets with your approval.

And now, I've procrastinated way too long and I really need to get painting! *sigh* so much more fun to have it done than to be in progress...

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