Why do people walking their dogs let them go in my yard?

buyorsell888October 8, 2006

I see people on almost a daily basis walking their dogs, on and off leash, letting their dogs relieve themselves on my or my neighbor's lawns or plants or mailbox posts.

I have a heavily planted garden. It is clear to anyone who passes my house that gardening is my hobby. I have hundreds of plants, multiple water features and something in bloom every day of the year.

Why anyone would let their dog up into my six foot wide flower bed that fronts the street to mark my plants or to go all the way up to my lawn to defecate is beyond me.

They are even worse in the yards that don't have barriers but have lawns right to the street.

I don't care if they bag the solid waste (most do) I think it is rude, rude, rude to let the dogs go on to other's property in the first place.

I don't think walking the dog is a way to get the animal's waste off your property, it is for exercise and bonding.

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Yeah, I end up carrying around poop bags all through my neighborhood. Yuck, but better than stepping in it on tomorrow's walk. I don't let my dogs on my neighbors' lawns because some use pesticides/herbicides/fungicides/insecticides which have been shown to cause cancer in dogs. So mine walk in the street. We don't have sidewalks on most streets in my neighborhood. I let my dogs use my own yard for potty, but clean it every day. The only time the "grass" (it's not turf grass but weeds) has been harmed is when Max had severe urinary/kidney issues. Then everywhere he peed the lawn died. Oh well, good thing about having a weed-based lawn is that it bounces back quick.

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That infuriates me. I don't particularly want someone allowing their dog to defecate in my yard but as long as they immediately pick it up it doesn't bother me that much but I get really angry when they allow their dogs to urinate in my yard. That does cause problems.

I kept finding dog poo in my yard and finally caught the person who was allowing their dog to go on my lawn. I asked them to kindly keep their dog off my lawn. The next day I saw the same neighbor allowing his dog to relieve himself on my lawn again. I waited a few minutes after they left and collected the poop. I put it in a box and wrapped it up with a bow and set it on their front step. That was the last time they let their dog go in my yard : )

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I would have loved to seen the look on your neighbor's face when he opened that box! That is too funny! LOL

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karyn, if it happens again, put the poo in a paper bag, put it on his doorstep, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and RUN. Watch and see if he stamps it out with his foot.

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The idiots probably think they are helping you to fertilize!

You need a little sign that says "I don't poop and pee in your yard; don't let your pet do so in mine."

Or something a bit more tactful maybe.....

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I don't get mad at the free-roaming dog that poops or pees in my yard, but it is annoying to see someone walking their dog and not bother to clean up behind it.

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As far as my yard goes, it is less about the actual defecation than it is the damage to plants as the dog goes through the six foot border to get to the lawn.

My former neighbor let her Malamute do this on a regular basis. Big dog vs. plants. Guess who won? He broke off and trampled a lot of plants. I did speak to her, I thought very tactfully but she got all offended. She would walk this dog all the way up on the neighbor's yards and let him sniff/agitate their dogs in their fenced side/back yards.

No respect at all.

This border is solid plants, three to four feet tall in the middle in some areas, no bare dirt or bark dust etc. All plants.

All along the curb are plants with damage from breakage from big dogs and urination. Frustrates the heck out of me.

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Most owners don't treat doggy potty as a trainable thing. It is completely trainable and manageable. Here are some tips:

If you walk your dog around the neighborhood, first go to their regular potty place (your backyard or a nearby park) and cue the dog to go potty, go potty, go potty, until it goes potty. Then and only then do you start your walk.

Your dog should also be on some semblance of a potty schedule, so you know if he regularly goes number 2 in the morning or in the afternoon etc. This is much easier if you use a feeding schedule, but much harder if you free-feed.

When you visit a friend's home with your dog, and you've just gotten out of the car, don't take the dog inside until you let him potty again. Take him where you want him to go and tell him to go potty. Give him a few minutes. Dogs get excited and they are like children. If you take them somewhere and they get all excited, they will "forget" to potty - until they are inside. Oops! (Mainly younger dogs).

If your dog makes for a neighbor's yard for a potty, pull him out of there - he IS on leash right? Say, "NO", pull him and keep walking. Unless the dog is sick, it CAN hold its poopy. Don't let him squat until he is at the park or other designated potty spot.

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I agree with Gina. It is pretty easy to "potty train" a dog. When we go for walks it is strictly for exercise, not a bathroom break. I trained my dog to only "go" in a specific area of the backyard. It makes clean-up much easier, no surprise doggie pies, and spares most of the grass. It was much more difficult to get her to urinate in one area because dogs use urine to mark a territory and leave messages to other dogs but training her to defecate in one area was simple.

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People that do that are jerks, and lazy. When I was a groundskeeper at a mobile park and I saw someone walking their animals and they did not pick up their dogs poop I waited until they left then went to pick it up and deposit in on their porch, or some place where they are likely to step into it. I still keep an eye out and will do that if I see someone, but since we moved to a 55 and older park where my partner is a manager it happens a lot less.

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Heh heh, as a responsible dog owner who does not let either of my two 80 pound mixed breed dogs use anyone's yard save mine and the vets for relieving themselves, I can sympathize.

Several years ago, my two sons quailfied their animals for State Fair competition. That is a big deal, so we took them. Halfway to the fiar---180 miles, we stopped to allow the kids and animals to relieve themselves, in a weedy/grassy area beside the rest stop's water tower and park. In the process, the manager of the fast food restaurant came running out screaming about not letting the animals do that! I was in the process of getting out the can and rake to clean up the mess and heard him. I(n the resulting conversation about pets and responsibility, the manager found a new respect for my sons and I, since we respected the property. He even gave us free cokes.

Oh, the animals in this case were Quarter horses.

While I realize dealing with horses in most neighborhoods is not a problem, we did take ours to peoples houses for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and to visit convalescent/retirement centers. The waste cans and manure rakes had a special place in the trailers.

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Handymac when you mentioned that the animals you were referring to were horses it made me laugh. We do have horses pooping on the street directly in front of my house. The people riding the horses are park police! My development is in the middle of a county park/nature center. The park police occasionally take their horses through the neighborhood which everyone enjoys, especially the kids. The problem is that we don't have many sidewalks so you have to walk in the road. The last thing you want to step in is a huge pile of horse dung and it's not too nice to drive through a fresh pile either. lol Thankfully it doesn't happen often.

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I am not defending the petwalkers, but would like to comment that non-gardeners are often unaware of the amount of work and cost that goes into building a gorgeous 6ft wide border. I have non-gardening friends that think all I did to add my border was dig a few holes and stick $50 of plants in the ground and PRESTO! instant Martha Stewart. As you well know...WRONG :)

You have to ask them. My rule is once nicely, once firmly and then I call the cops. I have never called the cops, and have only had to speak firmly a couple of times.

FWIW, I have dogs also. Before they go for their walk, they spend about 1/2 hour in the back yard for potty time. Occasionally, they will need to pee/poop on their walk, so I always bring bags with me. I also walk them largely in the alleys, which most people do not actively garden. But, see, I am a gardener, and I KNOW (and I feel your pain).

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More than likely it is because you have yet to teach them differently. It is unfortunate but true that common sense is largely uncommon and that people are susceptible to laziness and MANY are raised with a lack of concern for others; call it progress.

I am really not as cynical as I may come across, it just amazes what people view as acceptible behavior. I keep my property nice, for me as well as for the land owners around me; there are positive externalities in the form of sustained high property values and pleasing asthetics.

Early this spring I planted a nice row of boxwood and trimmed it to a nice hedge, along comes a new neighbor and her dog providing me the service of free watering for my hedge. Unfortunately with little rainfall to wash this high-salt water away the bushes he targeted began to wither and decline.

I met her on one of her next walks and educated her NICELY as to what was happening. She was mortified and is now visibly conscious of where her dogs does his watering.

Problem solved, and we have developed a nice neighborly relationship as well.

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I wanted to add one other little story since it is topical.

I had a phantom pooper leaving me very large gifts in my yard and I never once saw the pooping occur, I quickly came to believe it must be someone walking their dog into my neighborhood from one of the neighboring ones which surrounded us at that house.

The cure was simple. I picked up a motion switch, from the bluelight room at our local transfer station, and installed it in my hedge in the vicinty of the recurring poop pile and wired this into my irrigation valve manifold; I also wired that zone to the "hot post" in the controller. I set the sensor for 1 minute "on", like you would a motion light.

The result was that motion in that area would turn that irrigation zone on for one minute; there was never another poop in that spot, I left the sensor there for a couple weeks before restoring everything to normal.

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The answer to the question in the title is "They are inconsiderate, lazy people." Pity them, pity their dog.

Oh, and horse poop vs. dog poop, give me horse poop any day. Good fertilizer and wormfood. I'm weird, I even like the smell.:-) Wish I had them poopin'on my road. I'd be picking it up and making use out of it in my worm beds.

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When I first moved to the country I was renting the owners didn't want to see my horse poop on their 60 acers so everytime I rode my horses they would follow with their 4x4 and find the poop. When I got back they would tell me where the horse poop was and I would have to walk and find it and remove it. I was glad to find a place of my own lol.

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You are kidding..right?

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beeanne - I am a rather old person and grew up in a city in Germany. When I was young a lot of deliveries were still made by horse-drawn wagons. I remember that the occasion of horse-pooping was celebrated. Folks from apartments were racing down to the road with a dust-pan and broom to capture this wonderful fetilizer for their balcony gardens.
Sometimes there were disputes of "I saw it first"
Even now my dogs love horse-apples, pure vegetarian matter and full of vitamins ;)

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What a great story Lilod!
Thanks for making my morning.
hmmm..celebrated horse poop.. LOL I love it

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Not kidding

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Dog,cat,horse... got news for ya.. you have not lived till you have driven your lawn mower through a fresh pile of bear poo.. I am NOT going to be the one to tell it that bears are supposed to um you know in the woods!

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I never wanted to be rude, but until it was mentioned on another board I frequent, I never thought it would bother people, my dog peeing on their lawn/ I have my poopy bags , but now I will have to rethink the whole walk concept.

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Dog peeing on plants can = death to plants. Unknown to a lot of folk's....there is a law that says you (the pet owner) are responsible for what damage is done. Therefore replacing said plant/plant's. Depending on the plant, it could be quite expensive. It is considered "destruction of personal property".
Just a little something pet owners need to consider.

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When I walk my dog it is normally for walking and exercising. She does go to the bathroom in yards, but if I can help it I keep her out of yards. Because, I know it is rude. If someone has a nice flower bed by the rode I especially always avoid it! I would be devistated if my own plants got peed on. I usually will take my dog to an area at the end of the road where no house is even built yet and let her pee and poo there. If someone walks their dog and it happens to go on the lawn I don't really care. now, if it is a monsterous canine that takes a dump...ick. i'd much rather see it going elsewhere.

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I don't think there's much a debate here.
Most people don't understand that plants can be damaged by pet waste. Then again most avid gardeners don't seem to plant accordingly in places where pets are prone to go to the bathroom and get overly upset when something is detroyed.
I'm guilty as charged as I don't want my grass or planting areas getting soiled by pets then again it's bound to happen at some point and I'll somehow have to pick up the pieces and move on. Pun intended since my wonderful neighbors think the poop fairy comes every day to clean it up.

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Our neighbor has one of those furry husky alaska sled dogs.

In Georgia.

So the poor, big, white fluffy dog has sheddy hair with rats of tangled fur that must be removed.

The owner stands in one of a couple of our yards, a block from his house, and de-rats the hair, leaving gobs of white fur and fuzz in our yard, azalea bushes, etc. It sticks, too, to the grass, bushes, etc. It does not simply blow away or get rained away.

My neighbor works from home and finally caught him -- up til then we could not figure out where the mysterious balls of fur came from. She asked him to stop, and he seemed genuinely shocked that his actions were a problem.

I guess that lack of being able to 'see' that something is a problem is something I do not understand.

Politely asking someone to stop usually works. There are some spiteful neighbors who are like the neighbor in Christmas with the Kranks who will still intentionally allow it. Not sure what to do about that.

If this neighbor had not stopped, we considered picking up all the fur and depositing it in his front yard. Luckily it did not come to that.

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LOL I had to read your post twice. The first time I thought he was brushing his dog in his yard and maybe didn't realize it was blowing in other yards. Well anyways, he was being down right rude! Gives dog owners a bad name.

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I hadn't commented much on this post because I simply just didn't get it. Then today, 2 weeks later a light went off. Some people actually live where there are sidewalks, with yards right up to them! *lol* My whole adult life I've lived in the country.. no sidewalks! People walk their dogs along the rode and the state right of way. So really, what many consider part of their yards actually belong to the state. We maintain that 6 foot strip (or whatever the size) but you can't plant, park or have anything in that right of way. So technically, you can't legally complain. Still, its thoughtless.

And that man with the furry husky. Of course he knew what he was doing was a problem. He just didn't want it in his own yard. *hehe* He must have been terribly embarrassed to get caught red-handed. :)

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I live in a town and don't have sidewalks. I wish I did.
the 6 foot area from the road is owned by the homeowners but you can't plant or put certain things there. We still have to pay taxes on it though :(
I never let my dog up onto someone's lawn or if there are plants near the road he is not allowed to go there either. Occasionally he wants to piddle a telephone pole, however there are weeds there and it seems like noone mows there so I let him go there.
I don't think we have a problem near us. People are always friendly and don't seem to care that I am walking my dog. I always have a bag with me just in case so I think they see that I am responsible.
Noone plants much by the road here anyways as we have very bad snow storms and the minute the plow comes by you are lucky if you have your mailbox still there.
First snow, we always have our mailbox hit! Luckily the town has to replace it for free!
I like to see people walking there dogs, i love to see the dogs and it makes for a friendly place (well as long as everyone picks up that dog poo!)

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Here, we have a 10' easement from the road out front, but still beside the point. Main problems I have here in my nieghborhood, are those retractable leashes and dog walkers.
I can be standing in my own front yard and one owner just stand out front and look at me while he lets his dog do it's thing all the way up into my yard on 3 of my flower beds.
I tried talking to him (this is an older man) about it and the dog doesn't get to poo anymore, but he still figures the pee is ok to do.
Well one day while I was working in one of the flower beds on my hands and knees....here they come, dog streched out leash, got in the flowerbed right where I was and started to pee on the flowers I was just putting in the ground. Needless to say, I was almost pissed on right then! He jerked the leash just in time.
I stood up and told him that he was the most inconciderate dog own I had ever seen & that I was going to start taking my own dog down to thier house to do it's thing in his yard and flower bed's, see how the lady of the house liked it and that he would be replacing plants for me if any died.
Unfortunately, still have the problem unless I am outside where he can see me. Now the dog gets walked at night. So IF when I see them coming, I have to turn on my outside lights,or run outside, so he knows I am watching. I need to start taking pictures instead!
Hard to believe the gul of some people though. The dog is just marking it's terriory, thats natural, but it is the fault of the irrisponsible owner that cause the problems.

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My dog a male pees on poles.Now female dogs just squat.So if you watch your dog you know when she is about to squat and she should not be on anyone"s property.You should not be walking your dog on others land that;'s what the sidewalk is made for.Treat others the way you want to be treated.There are somethings in life we have to put up with.Peeing on others property is a no no.But peeing on city curbs is a must (they have to go somewhere)

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I share a yard with one other unit. He has a dog that not only poops and pees on my side, but also throws up on the pathway to the backyard. The pee smells, the poop does too and is unsightly, and the throwup is just disgusting, especially when it's in the middle of the pathway.

My condo neighbor has been "looking" for a gate solution for 18 months now. He used to live in my unit, so I understand the dogs confusion. It's an older dog, but the owner put zero time into retraining it when he moved to the other unit. His theory is that "old dogs can't be retrained", and he is just being lazy about it.

He tries to do twice dailly rounds to pick up the poop and clean up the puke, but sometimes things get past him or he forgets. I came back after being gone for two days and there were four pukes in the pathway, and I stepped in an old pile of poop as I went to clean up a fresh one. That just infuriated me....again.

So I spent time here and online looking for gate solutions. I think I found some options. I am going to try the liquid dog fence (first link), and push for the condo neighbor to install a wireless gate (2nd link).


Does anyone know anything about either of these products? Have other recommendations? While we only have a small gap between our sections of the yard, we don't have any power there. (A physical gate is not an option.)


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My mom once had to use Invisible Fence for a rottie she was fostering who we feared would jump the wall.

A considerable amount of traing of the dog came with the fence. The dog needs to be trained what the "correction" means and what exactly they are doing wrong. Otherwise, the dog could think wagging his tail (or something else silly) is wrong.

The fence came with a video & red flags that were placed along the perimiter as a visual aid until the dog was trained.

Unfortunatly it is not a "quick fix", but did work with the rottie once trained!

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For the person who has her yard dumped on at night, how about setting your sprinkler system to come on at that time, if you have an idea of when, and let the owner and dog have a nice shower. That would be a nice payback!

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My yard is in a city and it goes to the street without sidewalks.

I have a flowerbed that is six to eight feet wide along the entire curb in front of the lawn. The flowerbed is solid plants. Trees, shrubs and flowers. No bare dirt/mulch.

My neighbor lets her big husky mix walk right up into the plants to sniff and urinate while on the leash. He broke off severa shrubs and trampled flowers too.

I've asked her not do and she got really upset. She has moved since I posted this topic so the situation is resolved but it went on for five years. She also walked her dog on his retractible leash right up onto others yards and up to their fences to agitate their dogs.

I think dog walkers should stick to the sidewalk or street and not trespass on people's yards in general. I think those retractible leads are a joke as far as controlling one's dog are concerned and can be dangerous.

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I don't allow my dogs to pee on plants, or anything (like trash cans, etc.) that they can kill or someone will touch. However, if they want to pee on the telephone poll? I don't stop them.

However, I'm lucky that I have a grade school at the end of my street with a large park area. So they have plenty of place to run and pee. However, one of the things that really bothers me is that people allow their dogs to poop in that park area and they don't pick it up. And while it's rude regardless, the fact that kids regularly play in the park bothers me even more.

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Lady across the street has 5 schnauzers that she let roam unsupervised to potty. One repeatedly made grunt statues on my front stoop. I politely took the dog back one day after catching it and explained what happened again. She laughed it off. She still laughed it off when I bagged it and put it in her mailbox, and when I put it on her doorstep.
She got the hint when I bagged it and pinned it to Fidos collar with a note. The note said "I'm a good dog, I bag my own poop. I wish I had a responsible owner that would do it for me." She got the hint and walked every dog on a leash and didn't even come into my yard.

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I had a neighbor that had a schnauzer too, when she first moved in she walked him on a leash, then we started to discover mysterious piles in our yard but no culprit, one night at around midnight I let my Shih Tzu out and he took off barking at something stopping at the edge of our yard (which is what he has been trained to do, so he won't run out in the road) she (the owner) was standing in her yard in her bathrobe on her phone, she yelled at me if your dog bit my dog I am calling the cops! I was aghast! her dog was in MY yard and she is threatening to call the police on my dog, who was just protecting his territory? which by the way he has never bit anyone or any animal, he just barks and chases. thank goodnes she moved shortly thereafter, now we are having another neighbors cocker spaniel using our yard as a tolit, he is such a sweetie too, but they are the kind of neighbors you cannot approach, their 2 year old was out walking in the road one day and I ran up on their porch and told the mother, she totally ignored me and ran out and grabbed her not saying thank you or anything, so no way am I going to complain about the dog, other neighbors have complained and they tie it up for a while and then let it loose again, I like the idea of tying the poop on the collar, but they don't pay attention to the dog anyway, so it would probuably just walk around with it on the collar.

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I have had 2 positive experiences with inconsiderate dog owners.
1.) lady walked her dog daily past my business and let it 'gO' on the bushes in front of the building, urinating and defecating. I started going to work earlier and caught her but said nothing, just took photos from inside the window. After I got several good pics, I went to the cops and presented them with the pics, end result: she bought me a new bush and quit waling her dog in the area.(bush needed replaced anyway as the snow plow had damaged it)
2). man was walking his 2 dogs behind by place of bizz to relieve them on my grass, appeared to be quite regularly by the piles and dead grass. I caught him with his dogs there and confronted him. he had about 5 stories before finally saying he thought it was ok!!! to walk them there!! I had him clean up all the poops and pay me $10 for a bag of grass seed. Unbelievably, he began walking them on another neighboring bizz property and was kind of ticked off when he was run off that site too; complaining there was no place for his dogs to go to the bathroom!!! He would have to get rid of them he whined; he eventually did get rid of them after walking them on the railroad right of way for a few weeks..

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Micke- Do you live in my neighborhood? lol I have 2 shih tzus and a 5 month old rottie. We live in townhouses and are right on top of each other.
Man behind us moved out and left his dog. Animal Control refused to pick it up, between neighbors the dog stayed fed and watered and one neighbor found him a home.
Lady moved into the house had a lab in the backyard she neglected so she gave it away and got a cocker she left it in the yard, neglected it and gave it away.
A man behind me would let his dog off its chain and let it run in the yard so he could talk to me, happened frequently. He would hide in my backyard at nite, DH confronted him. He said he didn't want to hurt me he just watches me. This would explain our purchase of a 6ft privacy fence.
Our adjoining neighbor hates our rottie "because they are evil and attack children." (i have a 7yr old and an 18month old) I thanked her for her one sided opinion.
Lady across the street has 2 cats that use my flower bed as a litter box and climb all over our cars. We confronted her and she said they like being outside and refused to keep them up and said I could deal with it. I tried shooing them off the cars and out of the yard, picking them up and taking them to her yard, no luck. The water hose did the job, a little squirt a couple of times worked.

Why can't people be courteous? I don't let my furkids make grunt statues in their yards or pee on their grass. They should do the same.

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whoa groomingal, except for the townhouses we may live in the same neighborhood, we had a guy that would peek in windows of our houses at night, he got arrested, then we had another guy move into the same house and he would come out on the porch naked when little girls were nearby (he had a little dog he would let outside when those girls were playing, then he would go out to retrieve it in the buff) we joke that the house is cursed.
I walk my dog down to the trash dumpsters and I pick it up even though it is by the woods, it takes maybe 5 minutes of my time, plus I can throw the bag in the dumpster thereby not having to carry it around with me.
seems like most people just don't care about being inconsiderate to others nowdays:(

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Mickey- holy cow, now that you are talking about nakedness. There was a guy down the road that would come outside naked, frequently. He would check the mail, clean his garage, stand on the porch. This is all right next to one of the bus stops. Needless to say the cops were there a few times and then the house had a for rent sign. Our neighborhood has been fully clothed since.
What is wrong with people, walk around naked, stalk people, peeping toms, inconsiderate?

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I love my dog and I love people...frankly, sometimes when my Jack lifts his leg on someone's flowers, I only realize when it's too late. I do try to be very aware of this, and I do bag poop always. A polite request "please don't let your dog pee on my flowers," goes a long way. Hostility is never appropriate, unless the same person refuses to comply. If my dog has an accident, I would much rather pay for the plant (even on the first occurrence) than be spoken to in a rude or hostile manner. While I agree it is inconsiderate, it is not always intentional, and should be seen as such. I think people just need to be a little nicer to each other, and realize that sometimes things just happen. A good neighbor will realize this, and a good dog owner will go out of their way to curb their dog in the future. Courtesy, all around goes a long way! Mea Culpa...

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Am I the only one in the world that is not bothered by someones pets in the yard? Unless someone has children playing in the area that dogs would go, who cares! And if owners pick up the poo in non children areas, I don't care either. I have a garden too but also I live in the neighborhood full of people, childen and pets so I would never plant anything in places that would get damaged. Plant some fragile plants close to the walkways,road is plain stupid.
Actually I think it is really funny to see someone walking the dog and he decides to do the deed in place he shouldn't. Dogs need to walk here and there and sniff. Few feet of the leash is not enough for the poor dog. People give it a brake! Don't you have better things to worry about than doggie poo?

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The inconsiderate dog owners in my neighborhood are a significant nuisance.

1) Their dogs poop piles the size a pony would leave behind - I kid you not, these aren't small turds. Let's see how you feel when you're out mowing the lawn or raking leaves, and your foot lands in a pile of that.
2) Another one has a husky (which I think is a bit much to have in the hot southern U.S.) He talkes him for walks, stands in front of someone else's yard like mine, and de-tangles the matts in the fur.

First time it happened, I thought a rabid squirrel had knawed into someone's attic and left chewed up insulation all over. Until I caught the neighbor in the act.

He left so many hairballs and tufts of matts in my yard, we had to clean it up before we mowed. Looked like a goosedown pillow had exploded in the yard.

Frankly, life is too short for ME to have to clean up after THEM.

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cute story; my BIL and sis live in a neighbor hood that has lots that are an acre or more, close by is new development with expensive homes on normal size lots, some of the new neighbors walk thier dogs and don't bother to clean up.. he was working in his yard one day, 2 ladies who walk thier dogs most every day.. same ol' thing, he strikes up a conversation with them askes if they are new to the neighborhood and where do they live? She askes why
he would ask... he says well I have a horse in my back yard,thought I"d bring him to your yard to do HIS buisness on your front yard.

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spedigrees z4VT

czechchick2, I agree with you. I would never plant anything near the road, other than trees which neighbor dogs are free to pee on. My carefully tended flowers and vegies are back from the people, kids, and dog walking area, behind a fence. I would suggest that gardeners who insist on planting flowers right up to the sidewalk to place a protective picket fence in front of them.

Responsible dog ownership is one thing. I get very angry at dog owners who fail to pick up their dog's waste. But dog walking is a time honored part of dog ownership too, with the dual purpose of exercise and providing the dog an opportunity to relieve himself.

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I live on a street where lots of people walk their dogs.I see both responsible and irresponsible pet owners.There's one woman and sometimes her husband walking two dogs.One dog is blind,they are both old dogs.They seem like nice people and she will stop and chat if we are in the front yard with the twins.She lets one of the dogs poop right in front of the house across the street every day and never bothers to pick it up or attempts to lead the dog away.I see the woman who lives there (an older lady who just lost her DH)clean up the poop several times a week.I think it's rude and if she ever let the dog pee or poop on my yard I would ask her politely to please not let the dog do that in my yard.
At my home in TX there is one lady that lives a few blocks down the road that walks her dog every afternoon.Actually I should say the dog walks her.He is very strong,she is small and he practically drags her along.Anyway,we have 8 acres with 5 mobile home spaces next to the road where she walks the dog and she lets him pee and poop in that area.Maybe it is a lot of land but it's still my property and there are houses there.I wouldn't mind so much if he did it on the vacant part of the property and there's 4 acres of that! I told her one time that I would appreciate it if she would either pick it up or take the dog across the road in the highway easment to do his job.At least nobody would be stepping in it there.She looked at me like I had lost my mind and walked away. I guess she thought since we are kind of in the country her dog could poop wherever he pleased! She still walks her dog there and lets him do his job wherever he wants.
Some people just don't care one way or the other and have no consideration for the property of others.

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What no one posted yet, is WHY we don't want your dog to poop nor pee in the yard, whether it's cleaned up or not, is tracking... Sure YOU can remove your shoes.... I'm a paraplegic in a wheelchair, I cannot simply remove my wheels!!!!!!!!!... My carpets have to be cleaned from the smell and it's very expensive, as I cannot reach down & do it... I live on a corner where 30-35 doggie visits occur daily.... My grass is browned all over, while more dogs try to cover up the previous dog's smell.... You want a dog, YOU fence in YOUR yard ... Some ppl can't afford fencing, nor want it... Think outside the box, then keep your dog in your yard

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My problem with dog walkers has always been the dogs crashing through my plants to get to the lawn rather than the urine or feces. They, especially the malamute I started the thread about all those years ago, break and even kill plants by trampling not with urine or feces.

Here are some pictures of the plants bordering the street. No sidewalks, no easement, no public right-of-way, this is all MY propery, MY garden and there is no reason EVER for someone to let their dog crash through my plants. Some of the photos show bare dirt on the lawn side, this was after an expansion. The beds are now all eight to ten feet wide along the street.

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I've found three "loads" on my lawn this week....

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I found this thread by accident and am very happy that I'm not the only person in the world who doesn't like dog - or any droppings for that matter - in my yard. We live on a corner and it amazes me how people will allow their dogs to run 20 feet up into my yard on one of those 'wonderful' retractable leashes. To me that's trespassing, plain and simple. On more than one occasion I have flung open a window and shouted quite loudly 'CAN YOU KEEP YOUR DOG OFF MY GRASS PLEASE', and then slammed the window shut so they got the hint that not only didn't I appreciate it but let them know they could be seen. I mean, what is it about windows, they think you can't see out?? And I don't care if they pick it up, it's STILL there. If you doubt me, go step on the grass where someone has just 'picked it up' and then sniff your shoes. Nice, eh? It's still on the top of the grass and you're gonna track the smell everywhere you walk. My favorite is what happened recently - I walk a treadmill in the evenings after dinner when many people walk their dogs, and I can see out two windows, one on the side of the house and one in the front. One evening I see a couple come walking two big dogs, a couple I've seen before, not every day but off and on. Never really paid much attention to them, I just see them through the window when they go by. On this particular night I'm walking, and I see them coming back from the end of the street, and I saw a bag in her left hand and thought, Oh, well that's good, at least they're one of those walkers who picks up. And as I'm looking at them - and this all happened in a matter of seconds - she suddnely turns towards her husband (which meant she was turned away from my house so I'm just seeing her back), she kind of leans in towards her husband, like she's saying something to him, then straightens back up and continues walking. As they continued walking, I notice a bag at the edge of the neighbors grass across the street and immediately looked at her hand. No bag. So here you have someone who probably picks it up but then will simply drop the bag somewhere so they don't have to take it home. As hubby said, not only is that a really low thing to do, it's littering. So I got in my car and followed them to see where they lived - which was in a completely different neighborhood than ours so obviosuly they come to OURS to do this - and then after dark I retrieved the bag and 'returned' it to them by tossing it up onto their driveway. I was really hoping it would still be dark when they left for work in the morning and they would drive right through it. At any rate, no one has seen them since, which I would hope is because they're too embarrassed to be seen on our street knowing they were caught doing something so unkind, and also because they now know WE know where they live. And like my husband says, we're pretty sure this probably isn't the first time they've done this, they just never got caught before.

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My neighbor lets her two dogs out early in the morning they first tip over the garbage can and tear up the trash all over the lawn when they are full, they poop right at the front door step. I was up and waiting for them I took pics of them tearing up the trash and pooping. I then posted them on her facebook asking her to please stop letting her dogs do this. I did this after I called her twice on the phone about it. So far they haven't been back.

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Amen to all the posts. I just caught a lady and her dog in my backyard. It's almost 10pm and my motion detector activated porch lamp went off which means the dog was at least 10 feet into my yard. I don't know why these people can't understand the simple concept of private property. Not to mention the county pet laws. What's worse is that my community constantly reminds these people in our community newsletter. I guess these dumbbells can't read in addition to not think! I've had 5 dogs and I always respected other people's lawns. It's not rocket science - lock the leash down when walking the dog on the sidewalk and walk the dog on the outside, facing the street. Then when you get to a common area you release the leash and the dog can poop all he wants as long as you also pick up after him. And I will never buy a corner lot again - people think its a common area. Now I know why there are so many dumb people and disrespectful people in the world as these dumbbells probably have procreated and added their stupidity to the next generation of dumbbells

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When we moved into our house 9 years ago we asked a neighbor to keep their dogs out of our yard. They walk by 3 times a day and now have 4 dogs with no leashes and just let them run through everyones yards. Once one dog seemed stuck in the ditch, but when my husband offered to help, the owner replied "I don't want any help from you!". My husband tried being friendly saying at least we could say hello to each other since we are neighbors, but owner replied "he wasn't going to be a good neighbor, called my husband an f***ing a*hole, threatened to hit him with a stick! Too bad we didn't have a video camera running. Last year we had a 6 foot section of hedge sprayed with weedkiller after overhearing owner's wife tell another neighbor that our place gave her the creeps when she walked by (guilty conscience?) Thank heaven for other neighbors who are normal and friendly. Not looking forward to summer number 10 with these people. He is an eye doctor and very arrogant. One day was standing in the street with a t-shirt on that said "bite me". How sad is that? Feel rather sorry for them as they seem so unhappy, but they are just too hostile and aggressive to approach again. Any ideas?

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