Sikkens Rubbol Siding vs. Behr Premium solid colored stain

wildturkey450September 7, 2009

Consumer Reports lists Behr's Solid Colored Deck, Fence & Siding Stain as number one. Sikken's Rubbol alkyd solid colored stain was not rated well and Sikkens has since discontinued it, replacing it with Sikkens Rubbol Siding Finish which is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic solid colored stain. Behr now has a Premium Solid Color Wood stain that is urethane-fortified 100% acrylic which Consumer Reports has not rated. Has anyone had any experience using the new Sikkens and Behr solid colored stains?

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Consumer Reports never ranks those small regional manufacturers which really make the best products. Almost any product is better than Behr of course and CS always ranks them high because the ratings are based on value and Behr is always cheapest. I haven't tried the hybrid Sikkens stains, but Maxum 2, C2, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams all make stains that are better than Behr.

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I used to use Behr stains (semi and solid) around here but switched to Cabot's and much prefer it. On our privacy fence it's proved to have much longer longevity, color hold, water repel, etc. I used to have to recoat Behr every other season. Have gone several years with Cabot's, still looks good. I used Behr semi stain on a rental deck one year, late spring. By end of summer it was wearing off.

I have used Maxum that paintguy refers to on our deck, it's a really good product, too. I used solid all over. Had to touch up walk paths every year, but it was latex based so not a big chore. Switched to Rez (not sure who makes that), used the oil-based primer first and then latex solid over it. Worked pretty well, too.

DH is building us a new deck this summer. Sikkens products is one of the contenders for a protective coat. I've not used it but have seen sample boards done in local hardware store, have heard good things, like it's a contractor's favorite, but it's pricey. (Whatever I use on the pretty new deck will be well thought out for sure! No way will I ever, ever again put a solid stain on a deck.)

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Yeah....I shake my head OFTEN @ the CR Paints/Stains ratings!!
I like the mag. in general, but when it comes to rankings of "wearing" coatings, I get "confused".

Paints/Stains depend SO MUCH on the quality of prep done (IF ANY?!?!), quality of substrate itself, back-coating is critical in some jobs (LIKE DOCKS, LOW decks, and Siding), the Tools used to apply it, and the skill of the "Human-element" involved!!

I'm involved in many Forums dealing with Coatings, and I'm surprised at the volume of Anti-Behr comments out there...

Sikkens issues????
Welllll....hmmmm....might've ran across a couple....??
>>> All I know is, we've sold more & more of it every year since we've had it!

* If your deck is low (3' or less) put a good coat of SRD on the back/bottom as well PLEASE!! Saturate all end-cuts too.
* This keeps most water-vapor from the soil out of the wood in the first place. Remember...water-vapor moves UP into the bottom of deck boards, and wants to "push-up" through dry wood, interfering with the holding power of the top-side coatings.
* IF you're using the SHEEN-BUILDING DEK-Finish, you HAVE to coat all 6 sides twice.
* SRD is a little more forgiving.


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I have heard more negative comments when it comes to Behr stain as it relates to decks--I'm staining my house. But not being a professional painter I don't need to go somewhere there might be a problem so I guess I'll stick with Sikkens. Thanks for all your help.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

I'm involved in many Forums dealing with Coatings, and I'm surprised at the volume of Anti-Behr comments out there...

If you used it, you wouldn't be.

--I'm staining my house.

All the more reason to avoid Behr.

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Yeah, up until 3 yrs. ago, we sold it (Behr-the Independant store label-series)!'s just Sikkens baby; along with Penofin, and the ACE group of stains.


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I used behr d-f-s- stain on a deck/ramp project about four years ago and I can say with all honestly that.........IT NOW LOOKS LIKE CRAP! Time to re-coat with something decent and it's not due to heavy foot traffic as the deck/ramp isn't used that often!

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I've used Sikkens stain on my siding since day one. Started out with semi-tranparent oil, then semi-solid oil, last time was solid oil. Now that the EPA has banned oil I guess I'm doomed to use the new hybrid. I liked oil stain on my rough sawn cedar siding and added 8 oz of Penetrol per gallon to give life back to the wood. Has anyone had experience with the new stain? I'm doing my house, garage and fence this yeaar.

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