Where to find quartzite?

doddfjFebruary 28, 2013

Hi all

Thanks to all for the the helpful advice everyone has given in this forum! I have been working on gut renovating a prewar apartment in NYC and it is finally starting to come together.

We're currently in the process of finding our countertops for the kitchen... and this is where my question comes in. Can anyone suggest a slab / stoneyard in the NYC area which carries Luce di Luna / White Macaubas quartzite? I've seen quite a few posts referencing availablity in the SF Bay area so I'm hoping that there are a few options in this area as well.

Also, I just saw the pictures that michoumonster posted of her kitchen and love the "cross cut" style of those counters (vs. the linear syle of many Luce di Luna slabs). I didn't know that type of "cut" existed! I believe Michelle16 also has a similar cut.

In any case, can someone recommend any stoneyards in the NYC area that carry that quartzite? Any that carry the "cross cut" style?

Thanks very much in advance and thanks to all for many other helpful tips along the way.


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doddfj, when i was searching for cross-cut white macaubas in my area, the first link that came up was a place in NYC! lol!
try googling "cross-cut white macaubas," or you can do a search for calacutta quartzite, which is what the cross-cut slabs are often called because of the marble-like veining.
here is the link that I ran across in NYC.

also wanted to mention, these slabs come from brazil, so you can try asking around to see which slabyards carry the most inventory from that region maybe..

also, i edited my other post, but in case you didn't see the edited version, you can also search for NaRo on GW who also has the cross-cut.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: east coast slabyard

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Thanks so much for the link. Do you know I actually went to that slab yard and just didn't know to ask for cross cut? Oh well, I guess I'll have to make another trip!

Thanks again.

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