Martha Stewart paint

dreamthedreamSeptember 20, 2010

Can anyone tell me how to find an older paint formula of Martha's? I am looking for "morning dove gray". Lowe's no longer has the formula and Home Depot does not have it in their computer. This is a color she had when her paint was sold at Lowe's. Is there anywhere else that carries her paint? Thanks

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bumping this back up to top. Maybe someone will respond.


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Sorry, I'm NO help!

However...since the paint itself has changed a couple times (i.e., just wearing the MS label), the formula would now be meaningless. Could be used as a GUIDE though. Keeping formula-equivalents isn't really practical either, since every company has different colorants, etc.

PLUS...they're not really needed that often!

(there's other behind-the-scenes issues, but the above are the main ones.)

Bottom-line...just have your color matched into your chosen paint. Give the store time to tweak if necessary!


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Have you asked Lowes if they still have the paint color in their computer system? After they removed the line, I had 3 MS colors mixed in the sample size. I know my local Lowes gets a lot of people who "float" that area, some that know the basics of the system, how to mix the paint, but may not be totally clued in on how to search for a color. Or just too lazy to do it. I know that there are good people who work there, but sometimes it's kind of the McDonalds of home improvement (just my opinion!).

Also, it could be the spelling is wrong. The bird is actually a mourning dove, so the color might actually be mourning dove gray. That could be why they couldn't find it. If you have the color number, that might be even more helpful.

You might want to consider asking at Sherwin Williams. Back in the early 2000's they carried a version of Mourning Dove from MS's paint line. The word on the street is that they'll still mix Martha's old colors. Their paint sample is something like $4 for nearly a quart of paint.

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There's an online company that sells the color formula for about $5- myperfectcolor.

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I know this is a bit late, but I just saw the posting.

There is a website that will match ANY paint from ANY brand --

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I would take "Matching" results from an online-only set-up with a grain of salt.

I've never used the "service" though.

There's a few $$thousand of scanning equipment/software at MY disposal, and it's STILL an art!! I'd say 60% of the time colors need some further tweaking. BUT...the scanners are a "starting-point"!


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I work at Lowes and the person above, that stated that the spelling might be an issue is right. The name or the formula number are ways to look up the color. If it was me I would have asked Lowes to call Valspar (which is the paint Martha Stewart colors would have been made into) and ask them if they have the formula on file. At Lowes Martha colors, Eddie B, etc are collections of colors made into Valspar paint.

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Well Home Depot has it on line.........

Order the sample and bring it to them...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's MS151 at this other site.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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