Painting the stairs - shoe marks & when do I remove tape??

SheeshareeIISeptember 2, 2010

I finally got to the "fun part" of painting the stair railings and treads. The prep, primer, and risers (painted white) are done.

I did the first coat of the brown (SW porch and floor enamel) last night. I was going to do the 2nd coat tonight but when I went to walk down I left sneaker prints on the top two treads, eek. Soo..... what do I do? I could try socks. I was going to try waiting until tomorrow to do the 2nd coat. The house temp. is set at 74 deg.

Either way, my stairs are royally taped up in two different types of frog tape. After the 2nd coat when do I take it off? I didn't think you were to wait until it dried completely. This is my first time trying the frog tape and I'm hoping it works like it's suppose to.

I'm hoping the 2nd coat of paint covers the shoe prints. It didn't dent the paint but you can see smudges.

The can says,

Recoat: 4 hours. I waited 24.

Light foot traffic: 24 hours

Tables, chairs, and heavy foot traffic: 7 days.

I was planning on waiting at least a month until we walked on it once all finished.

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This is pretty normal for paint that is not completely cured. I think on dark colors though, sneaker prints may always show up but you should be able to clean them off after full cure. Also remember that dark colors take longer to dry so that can be a contributing factor. The best time to pull tape is about 1/2 hour after painting is complete.

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"The best time to pull tape is about 1/2 hour after painting is complete."
. . . Maybe I should have painted every other step? I'm worried about the paint pulling off with the tape because I'm not going to be able to walk on them in a 1/2 hour. Good to know for the future though.

When should I attempt the second coat?

How long does it take paint to fully cure? A month?

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Pulling tape half hour after painting is ideal, but it's not a big deal if you can't pull it until later either. You probably want to score the tape with a razor knife before pulling so that there is a clean break and you don't rip off any paint. You should read the can of paint which will say when you can recoat, though most acrylic paints are around 4 hours in good drying conditions. Yes, the paint can take up to a month to cure.

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