Coronado Paint same as BM?

may_flowersSeptember 6, 2012

We have been buying BM paint at a local paint store for the past 5 years. Last week, we bought a few gallons of BM paint that we selected after trying a few paint samples. The painting is done and it covered well. I just looked at the can while cleaning up after DH and it says Coronado Paint, a BM company.

Did this paint store sell us BM paint that really isn't BM quality? I wondered why it was less than $30 a gallon.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Benjamin Moore bought Insl-x and its Coronado brand December of 2007.

Have no clue what's actually in the can these days. Before Coronado was BenM owned, it was a highly regarded regional brand with a range of grades/quality.

If you were wanting BenM paint, I would venture a guess that's not what you were expecting. If it all worked out well, no harm, no foul. But next time I'd make sure the store understood what I wanted.

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Thanks, funcolors. We need to buy another quart, so we'll ask them how we got Coronado. They understood what we wanted since we ordered a BM color and never discussed getting it made in another brand. It doesn't seem very ethical to me.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Switching cans happens for many reasons. Unethical, maybe or maybe not. Lots of times store staff think they know what's best and have their favorite go-to solutions. Intentions are good. Like they truly think they're doing you a favor by saving you money somehow, etc. From a customer service point of view, not listening to the customer is not the best strategy.

Sometimes there is something underlying, like they're trying to move product. Maybe there was a label or formula change. And they try to off those gallons to customers they think won't notice the difference.

Would definitely share feedback with the store about the switch up and that you were not happy. Good luck with everything!

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