X-Post - Any way to save this paint job? Poly over oil.

beepsSeptember 10, 2012

So... I've been trying to refinish a dresser and have had nothing but problems. I'd throw it out but it matches a set and so would like to save it.

1) Sanded it down to bare wood, repaired damage.

2) Primed with a Zinsser Bulls Eye 123.

3) First paint was awful, went on very poorly and unevenly. (Olympic One - paint and primer in one).

4) Sanded it back down to bare wood.

5) Spray primed with Painter's Touch.

6) Sprayed with Painter's Touch. Took many coats but looked pretty good - lightly sanded between coats.

7) Sprayed clear coat of Painter's Touch. Very uneven and looked like mist on the top despite light sanding and repeated applications.

8) Sanded lightly and applied Cabot Water-Borne Polyurethane Clear Satin. Went on well, no pulling.

9) Sanded lightly to apply second coat and poly is peeling off in sheets.

  1. Sigh.

So, is there any way to save this? Do I need to just strip everything off and start over? I've lost some detail with all the sanding so far and am afraid to sand much more.

The Poly went on very well. No pulling. Great coverage. Nice leveling. I was impressed. I hadn't realize the Painter's touch spray was oil-based, but see now that it is. I actually don't see anywhere on the can, but if I google Painter's Touch and oil-based I do find it referred to as an oil-based spray.

What to do? I love the color and am happy with the look... except for now the peeling of the one coat of polyurethane that I applied.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

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I would just stop doing anything. Lightly sand the poly as it peels off and live with it as it is.

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