What sheen (or not) are you using these days?

bustergordonSeptember 21, 2010

Hi everyone! It's been a few years since I had anything painted, but we recently moved to a new home and am planning on having some walls repainted, as they got pretty scuffed when the old owners moved out. I'm planning on using all Dunn Edwards paints.

In my last home, I used low sheen on all of the walls, and semigloss in the bathrooms, laundry room & on the baseboards. Those walls were also textured. The current home has flat paint for everything other than baseboards. I like the look of the flat paint, and the walls, unlike my last home, are not textured, so I'm not sure if that is going to make a difference. I will say that I'm having a hard time getting anything on the walls clean, probably because it's all flat paint.

I guess my question is - is it ok to use low sheen paint on the walls, or should I be considering flat paint? What about in the bathroom? Would low sheen work there?


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If there are any defects on the walls, flat paint will not highlight them like some other sheens. I've always preferred the look of the flat paint in every room except the bathroom. I would consider a low sheen or semi-gloss. The last time I painted my bathroom, I used BM Pearl Finish (which I've been very pleased with).

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Thanks, that's sort of what I was thinking as well. On the textured walls, a light sheen was rather nice, but I'm less sure on the completely flat walls...

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Flat paint will offer no washability as you have seen. Not just that, but if you bump in the walls, that will show as a dull spot and before long with many people bumping into the walls, there will be many dull spots and this can eventually look bad, especially on smooth drywall and if there is any natural light cast down that wall. There are low sheen washable paints now....some are not that good, but Aura Matte is very good. A washable paint, even one with an almost flat sheen, will be more resistant when people bump into the wall so that those dull spots will not show up as easily. Eggshells are good for bathrooms or matte would be okay in there too if you are not the type that likes a shine on the walls.

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