BM Black Forest Green gone....sigh

maremmaSeptember 5, 2012

I was about to repaint the exterior shutters, but it

seems BM no longer sells one of their ready-mix, all-time-favorite classic colors, Black Forest Green. In fact, they have stopped making ALL ready-mix paints (except for a few whites).

Called their customer service which claims that dealers don't have space for ready-mix paints. The rep stated that there's a close shade called Black Knight (no comparison, btw). Also, he said that the paint store could call BM directly to get the formula for Black Forest Green (why doesn't the store have that formula on hand already?).

Store mixed paints never have the intensity and clarity of the factory mixed paints, or at least in this case which calls for a deep, crisp black/green.

Could anyone suggest a manufacturer still making pre-mixed, deep hued paints?

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I think a better tactic would be to start calling BM dealers across the land and find some old product, somewhere? Mixing it from a deep/neutral tinting base might yield the same color but not the same paint.
The other try is to find a company that makes a ready-mixed black and green and mix it yourself from those 2 products. Buy a cheap set of measuring cups and start with a 50/50 mixture and go from there. Let your samples dry NATURALLY before judging the color.

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Farrow & Ball only sells pre-mixed paints. They have a very limited colour selection compared to BM, but you might find something you like. Studio Green is a very dark green.

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