dirthappyOctober 29, 2006

Josh is 65lbs? What kind of dog is he? How do you get a dog that big in for a bath?

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He's a black & white dog. Has some features of lab and nice gentle personality of lab. His markings are along the lines of a border collie, without the coat lenghth. However he doesn't seem to have a very high IQ so probably not border. LOL, we love him anyway. He's just "our good $10.00 dog". That's what we call him, because that's what we paid at the pound a couple yrs. ago. He's worth WAY more than that tho. :-) We've never bathed him. I hope that doesn't make me seem like a bad mommy. He's never really needed one. If he ever does, he'll probably take it well, just like he does everything else.

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