Silgranite truffle sink more gray or taupe?

DMack108February 11, 2013

I have chosen Chroma Serra quartz for my countertop in my kitchen (white cabinets, cherry with brown glaze island). I'm thinking of getting the Silgranite II truffle sink because the sample piece that Blanco sent me looks grayish which is what I'm looking for. The piece they sent me is only 1"x3" though so it's hard to say what the whole sink would look like. I'm concerned it will look more taupe than gray which is what the pictures on the Blanco site appear to be. Can anyone who has a truffle Silgranite sink tell me if it they feel it has gray undertones?

My second choice was the Metallic Gray, but I really don't want a "sparkly" or textured looking sink. (There's a lot of sparkle in the sample piece, though the pictures online don't show this).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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I don't have a sink but I was looking at them today. The showroom had a full size sink in truffle. Yes, I think it's more gray than taupe - I'd call it greige. It's a very pretty color & think it will go with a variety of counter top choices.

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Agree that the truffle is more taupe than gray. We went with the metallic gray, and although I was worried that it would be sparkly based on the sample, it is not at all IRL. Both are pretty, but if you are looking for gray, you might be happier with the metallic gray.

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Molly Phillips

I have two sitting in my bedroom, ready to be put in. I would say more taupe than gray but definitely not as gray as the metallic gray. I have a limestone-look quartz going in and it looks perfect together. It's one of those that looks browner with brown things and grayer with gray things so it's a perfect greige like the PP said.

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Perhaps this video will help you. It shows better if you click on the "full screen" option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video showing Blanco Silgranit in Truffle

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Thanks everyone. From reading through the responses, I think the Serra quartz will bring out the gray undertones in the truffle sink. I wish I could see the metallic gray IRL, but there are no showrooms around with that color. I think the truffle will look nice in my lighter kitchen and since the Serra also has some brown/taupe spots in it, I don't think I'll be disappointed. I'll let you all know in a few weeks how it all goes. If I can figure out how to post a picture, I will.

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Are there any pinkish tones in the Truffle? Some taupes can have a pinky undertone to them.

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Blondelle, there are no pinkish tones in the truffle that I can see, at least on the small sample they sent me. That would not be good for my kitchen! I'm ordering the sink tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Just curious, where did you decide to order from? I'm almost to that point...

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I ordered mine from Amazon today w/ free shipping. I priced quite a few places on the Internet & Amazon had the 2nd best price. I didn't go w/ the 1st company because they were out of stock in Truffle & it was going to be weeks before sink was back in stock.

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williamsem has the best price I've found on the low divide in truffle, and they are an authorized dealer. I'm very tempted to buy now with their sale, but then I have to let it sit around for 2 months.

I'm stalking my sink, faucet, and GD at the moment hoping to find a good deal.

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I think it's more taupe than gray, but it's very neutral and is impacted by what it's near. Here's a picture of a truffle strainer in a coffee prep sink (we discovered this morning as the fabricators arrived that Blanco packed the wrong color sink in the truffle box).

I'm terrified that I'm going to regret not getting the gray, but I liked the warmth and I hope it doesn't clash with our granite.

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Sinks were installed today. I'm having trouble taking a photo that gives the color accurately, but it really is a good deal more taupe than gray. I'm glad our counters have a good deal of tan and gold to coin tact the gray and white because I wouldn't have looked good. It really is not reading gray at all. Picture of the prep sink attached.

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