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goldyOctober 26, 2006

There was a case on CTV this man let his poodle mess on his neighbor property each day.He trained him to do this.The neighbor told him to stop but he thought it funny and continued .The neighbor wrong the dogs neck .Guess what? The neighbor was found "not Guilty".I love dogs but this one got what was comeing to him.(or should I say his master)?

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So you're saying the neighbor killed the little dog and it "got what it deserved" for doing what its master told it to do?

I can't imagine there wouldn't have been other ways to resolve this issue other than the neighbor wringing the dogs neck. That makes me sick.

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The man who did this is a vicious, evil, poor excuse for a human being. However, the verdict should serve as a warning to pet owners everywhere. We do not have the right to let our pets intrude on our neighbors.

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OMG, You are saying the man rung the dog's neck, and the man who did it was found not guilty?
The man that trained the dog to do this was certainly wrong. He must have been one brick short of a load.(STUPID) The man that rung the dog's neck is guilty too. That is animal abuse to the max. That dog did not know what he was doing was wrong. The dog owner should have had the dog taken away from him long ago. That went tooooo dang far. That's just not right to kill the dog. Disgraceful all them, even the heartless judge. Animals have to take what "intelligent" humans dish out to them. God,this makes me so stinking mad.....!!!!!

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Dogs that end up dead rarely got what was coming to them. The stupid owner who taught him to poop on the neighbor's yard, the dog killer, and the judge all deserve a good neck wringing.

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That's just flat out sick. Killing an animal and found not guilty? Great judicial system we have. God only knows what else this sicko is capable of doing. Actually both owner and neighbor should have done jail time IMO.


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Goldy,Which judge show was it? I would say judge Judy but she loves dogs and would probably have hung both men.

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Disgusting. Although I can say there isn't much that surprises me anymore.... Also, this wasn't some Judge Judy, CTV does regular county and state court cases. You know, the real ones. Ugh! Next case, rapist gets off on a technicality.

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It was on court tv last summer.The dogs owner was a big bully and trained his dog to poop on his neighbors lawn.they really found the bully guilty not the dog.We must remember some people love their gardens as much as we love our pets.I have a pet and I also had a lawn and I loved both and I would never let my dog go down the street and poop on someone elses lawn.The bully was too big for the man to wring his neck so he did the next best thing.The thing that clinched the case the bully"s coworkers told how he laughed and told them how he trained his dog to poop on the man's lawn.The jury stayed out two hours and came back with the verdict.I might add some of them had pets and if they did not live in highrises they also had lawns.

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THAT day the angry neighbor wrung the dog's neck and was found NOT guilty. What will happen someday when some kid keeps cutting through the corner of his yard after being told not to? Will his neck get twisted, too?

The angry neighbor had every right to be angry. However, he should have taken legal action against the dog's owner. IMO, this man is a danger to society in general.

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I was not on the jury .I watched it on TV.If a Pitbull had pooped and not a poodle would you feel the same?

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uh! oh! goldy, you hit me in a guilty spot. As much as i love dogs, I have to admit i'm prejudiced against pitbulls. I still would'nt kill it though.

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Too bad it wasn't a pitbull - it probably could've defended itself a lot better than a poodle. Of course I would still be disgusted no matter what type of dog it was. It all goes back to poor ownership, not the dog or type of dog.

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I doubt the man could wring a pitbull dog's neck

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I love my garden, worked in horticulture for over twenty years, spend thousands on plants but NEVER would I harm a dog that "went" on my garden.

I know where to place the blame. Certainly not the animal.

I can't believe the man was found not guilty for wringing a dogs neck. The man, the dog owner and the judge are all wrong. I certainly understand the man's frustration but killing the poodle was wrong.

I recently saw a show where a woman trained her Pitbull to attack people and he attacked her landlord, his daughter and the animal control agent sent to collect him after the first attack. The dog was euthanized but the women only got six months in jail. She deserved far more than that and also to never be allowed to have pets again.

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My sister had a new neighbor move in. They didn't let the dog run free or anything. The neighbor told them if their dog ever walked in his yard he would kill it.

The believed him. Having 2 small children they had to move.

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kim_okla - that's exactly the reason I live where I do. No neighbors to speak of and the ones who have properties near mine just wave hello.

I cannot imagine how your sister must have felt. She was right to believe him. IF someone is that bold as to tell you that he will kill your animal if it walks on his yard, he probably meant it. I am assuming this new neighbor didn't have any pets. He was probably one of the Jeffrey Dahmer types that mutilated small animals as a child.

IMHO anyone who threatens an innocent animal or human for that matter is just plain sick.

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IF someone is that bold as to tell you that he will kill your animal if it walks on his yard, he probably meant it

Head games can go both ways. NO ONE would scare me out of my home. You can BET that someone like that would be the perfect reason for me to go to the county, as well as the town office and get the book on local and county ordinances. If the guy blew his NOSE the wrong way, the town would get a call, and that would be just the start! If someone were to threaten me, my family, or my animals like that, his life would become a living hell, believe me.

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crazy; sad and crazy
I am an obsessed gardener: 300+ orchids, 20 rose bushes, and so on...I also have feral cats, a bunch of them, in my yard - I fix them and release them...then, moscovy ducks come in to hang out- and they are the master poopers..Pit bull, poodle, freekin elephant - who gives the crap; organic and all natural - as far as poo is concerned. That is not the point.

To stupidly go after the easiest pray - that is just wrong. Go file a complain, let the city come and bother the neighbor.
I do not know, miss seem to entertain the idea of this whole incident to be the right thing to do. What if you tell your kid, if you have one, to do a Halloween prank on your neighbor, and he shoots the kid...want that neighbor to walk away unfazed?! No kidding...


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I have a dog I also have two grandchildren I was just telling you what happened to a dog whose owner trained him to poop on the next door neighbors prized lawn.I was not on the jury and I am not a judge I just saw it on Court tv.In this world where someone will kill you over a parking spot the big slob was lucky it was just his poodle.The man loved his lawn and if that slob had loved his poodle he would have had a pooper scooper and not trained him to poop on his neigh ors grass.

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We live in a semi rural area and have a neighbor who raises sheep. Several years ago, two of his lambs were killed and their Mother severely injured. It wasn't a coyote. It was someone's pet shepherd running at large. Since then, everytime someone new moves into the neighborhood, they get visited by him. He tells them in no uncertain terms that if they own a dog, they had better keep it on their property. If he catches it on his property, he will shoot it. He means it and he's done it. The law is on his side because of the livestock.

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People should treat people the way they want to be treated.Keep your dog off my lawn and I will keep my hands off your pet.

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