BM Aura vs. Natura paint

mom270September 26, 2012

Can anyone explain the difference between these paints, both in terms of application and how they look? I've used Aura in a few rooms in my house and the painters (pro and family) have been unhappy with how thick it is and they say difficult to apply. It does look kind of gloppy on trim. Would Natura go on more smoothly? Does Aura look better than Natura on the walls due to more pigmentation or something?

Thanks for any help.

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I had my master bedroom done in Natura and guest rooms in Aura (hated the colour in guest rooms so will be redoing, but that is a side issue).

My contractors noted that the Natura was *really* thick and rather difficult to work with - the paint job underneath was a bit troubled so hard to tell which blotches etc. were due to previous paint job and which could be due to Natura paint issues. In comparison, these same contractors loved the Aura paint and found it nice to work with (different than what your painters said). So if your people found Aura thick and difficult, they may find Natura even more so based on what my painters said.

Also, my Natura paint still has a slight stickiness to it even weeks later whereas Aura dried up perfectly. I want to use a no-VOC paint, but based on my experience I'd go low-VOC/Aura before I'd use no-VOC/Natura.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Aura should not be thick. I have used hundreds of gallons of it and it was never thick. Maybe you got a bad can?

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Thanks for the feedback.

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