Bedroom furniture doesn't match

GinaXOXOFebruary 9, 2014

We recently moved and have room on both sides of the bed for a bedside table. My husband has claimed it. I really need one too.

It is quarter sawn oak. It isn't "trendy" but it is a beautiful set. Also, doesn't match the trim but again--keeping it. I can't find anything to match.

Here is the set.

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That picture was found online.

Here is what I am thinking. The bedding is taupe and silver. I want to add a couple of black pillows and a black throw. I already have great lamps that are silver with black shades from Joss and Main.

Here is the bedside table I am thinking about. It is about the same dimensions. From Horchow and of course on back order.

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Do you have all of those pieces and are thinking to incorporate one piece of black furniture into it?

The easiest would be a skirted table using a fabric that complements your bedding.

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Thank you, Alex. I didn't take a picture of my room (can't find the cable) but I found that one online. I have the sleigh bed, hope chest (using it as my table at the moment) my husbands nightstand, a chess of drawers with a mirror.

I could try the skirted nightstand. It would add a little pattern into the room too.

I love that black nightstand. But with everything else matching I just don't see how it will work.

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Why don't you keep using the hope chest as your table? That's what I do and I wouldn't change it for anything.

It's not as tall as a nightstand, but it looks really pretty, especially with a few decorative items on it, including a lamp.

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I agree, a chest gives you a large surface. I like a lamp, place for clock, books, glasses, etc without it looking crowded.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would skirt a round table and put a glass on top to protect the fabric. I did that in the guest room between the 2 beds.

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I was thinking black before you mentioned it, and think it would look great with the black accessories you mentioned adding to the room.

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You may not want to go to the expense...but you could buy 2 of the black nightstands you may make it look more balanced instead of one, lone black piece of furniture. You could then maybe use the oak nightstand in a closet for extra storage or in a guest room.

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I adore quarter sawn oak.

Your bedroom set is very nice. I like the idea of the round skirted table next to your side of the bed.

Or (hate to be matchy), is there any way you can find another matching nightstand. Hate to admit it, but I have two matching night stands in my master. As a matter of fact, my whole bedroom suite matches ;-)

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I thought about getting two black nightstands. I also agree with the point made about the hope chest having more room. But, specifically, I want the lamps to be at the same level. I put a couple of books under the lamp. I need to work out quick and get ready for work. I will take pictures when I get a moment.

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Here it is at the moment. I put a photo box under the lamp for now. What are you thoughts after seeing it?

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I like it....I have a question....are the legs on your hope chest attached or are they built into the chest? If the legs are detachable maybe you could find taller legs to bring the chest up higher. We did that to one of our chest/coffee tables. Or if you have a favorite carpenter, maybe put a shelf with legs under your hope chest. Would look like it has always been that way. Either way I like the two pieces of furniture by your bed. I do think if you want the black one, you should buy two to make it look equal.

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That looks better than I thought it would after reading your description. LOL I have a blanket chest and I guess I was thinking that was the same as a hope chest, but my chest is longer and shorter. I would never use it as a side table. It would be uncomfortable to reach down. I agree that the lamps need to be the same height and I think raising the one on the chest works. I would find some books to use for that. Some old books with interesting covers (spines) would work great. I think what you've done looks better than the one piece of black furniture in the room or the skirted table. I think with the skirted table you have to be careful about it not looking too country and also you lose the option of storage, or at least easy to get to storage.


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Actually, it's much easier reaching down than reaching up, or being even with the mattress. Especially if you're propped on your back reading.

I think your chest looks fine, even though it's a bit shorter. Adding the right decor on top will take the eye away from the height. I highly doubt someone would walk into your room and immediately think, "The chest and table aren't the same size!" lol.

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The black table is lovely but I think it would stand out if it was the only piece of black, furniture in the room. Sort of - which one is not like the other ones. The hope chest would be a much better choice.

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Thank you. My husband was very glad that we aren't buying anything and keeping what we have. (:

I will check into adding longer legs. What a great idea!

If not, I will leave it as it is. I just was over thinking it and thought it looked funny. I will add though that the lamps have to be the same height. I will get some neat books to put there. I have a couple with good binding that should work.

Again, thank you!

Now I need pictures and "stuff".

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