Happy Thanksgiving and tempeh question..

agmss15November 22, 2012

I hope everyone enjoys their day today with friends and family.

Way off topic for the season but..... Last night I made a tempeh which I actively avoided for years after one particularly stinky experience. Recently I decided to retry it. I stirfried it with ginger, garlic, mushrooms and greens served with a rice mix. It was okay but ehh - which I suppose is better than active dislike. If you like tempeh how do you prepare it?



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I buy the cooked and seasoned kind. Don't have a package right now, so I'm not sure of the brand, but my supermarket carries about 5 flavors. I get maple flavored, because it's most like bacon. I usually pan fry it briefly in a little oil, but when I want a quick sandwich, I just use it out of the package.

I used to bake the raw, unflavored kind in a mild broth of soy sauce, garlic and coriander, and everyone seemed to like it. I think those are the traditional flavorings.

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try soaking it in apple cider overnight.

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I meant apple cider vinegar

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You can soak it in No-Chicken Broth. It taste awesome! I use No-Chicken in a ton of recipes! They also make a lower sodium one too!

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