ultasonic bark control

wingo_43October 9, 2006


You can normally find me over on the 'palms' forum. But I have a question that seems appropiate for this one.

The ultasonic devices I see advertised for dogs, do they work?

I have a neighbor next door that has a dog that barks at everything! I HATE this dog.....as soon as I walk out my back door, the dog starts barking. The mail truck comes by, the dog starts barking. Kid rides by on a bicycle, twig falls in the woods, etc. Anything and everything sets this dog off, and I've had it. This animal obviously has a behavioral disorder. I've tried speaking to the people, but they don't seem very inclined to fix the problem. These folks have lived there for about 2 years, so the dog knows me, knows I live here, but still barks at me every time it sees me. Go figure.

I love dogs, and don't care if they have 20 of them. But I can't even enjoy my own backyard anymore because of this dog, and something needs to be done. Just wondering if these ultrasonic gadgets, which are supposed to deter dogs from excessive barking, actually work. If not, my next step is to report these people to the county for nuisance barking. Their house is only 40 ft. from mine so an ultrasonic device might work.

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Wingo I think we have the same neighbor! Sorry I've never even heard of the device that you mentioned. My neighbors are very nice but their dog is a nuisance and has been since they got it about 2 years ago. Not only does it bark at the drop of a pin but it is somewhat aggressive and will snarl and threaten people while they are walking it. At least they are responsible enough never to allow it off it's leash. Thankfully my dog ignores the neighbors dog and never barks back. I think even she finds it irritating. lol The incessant barking really does become quite a distraction, especially because we spend so much time in our yard. We both have good sized yards and an 8' privacy fence but it doesn't help much with the noise.

I hope someone responds to your post with an effective method of controlling nuisance dogs.

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The dog has to be wearing a certain collar for it to work. Unless your neighbors are going to put one on the dog I don't believe it will do any good.
Unless of course you are talking about a different device...

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I know that there are remote devices that the dog does not have to be wearing a collar for them to work. But, I don't know if they do work.

I have dogs behind us that yap at everything. They start yapping when she opens the door to let them out and they don't stop until she calls them back in. They are Yorkshire Terriers. Very high pitched and high energy dogs.

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The far-distance ultrasonic devices you're talking about don't really work, or at least most people who have tried them report that they don't. I tried one myself for a neighbor's dog...didn't make a lick of difference. Buying new windows to block out the noise did :)

Take a look at http://www.barkingdogs.net -- has some good strategies on how to deal with barking dogs and the people that own them.

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Here's a link to the device I was looking at. Expensive, but has a better range than most others. Plus, it operates on a 9-volt battery, so I wouldn't have worry about running an extension cord.

Here is a link that might be useful: ultrasonic bark stopper

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That's very similar to the one that I tried, that didn't work.

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The dog is frustrated, probably from lack of exercise, correct discipline/training, loneliness, or a combination of all three.

The owner needs to solve the problem. But, probably will not. Call the local police and see what they recommend. That may or may not cause a problem with the neighbor---but, you already have one now, so more might not be a bigger one.

I have a dog i sort of rescued from a family who had to move and could not take the dog. He was pretty much uncontrolled---barked at anything----people, kids, cars, cats, squirrels, birds---flys. Exercise, discipline and training have cut that problem greatly.

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I have two "talkers" and let me assure you, they get plenty of exercise, they are disciplined when I'm home and they get plenty of attention...from me and from the neighbor kids. They just like to "talk".

That being said, I try to be a responsible neighbor. I have asked the neighbors to let me know if/when the dogs are a problem. And I do something about it after thanking them for bringing it to my attention. I've taken to putting "no bark" collars on the dogs whereby they train themselves not to bark. My neigbors are happy, I'm happy and the dogs are no worse for the wear, so to speak.

I don't know your neighbors or your neighborhood. I'm fortunate to reside in an area where we talk to each other. Until a neighbor came over to chat with me about the barking dogs, I had no idea. Now mind you, when I'm home they bark very little. Thanks to that neighbor I was able to address the problem. If your neighborhood is similar, by all means alert your neighbor to the problem. If they don't respond, let them know you will be calling animal control if they don't make an effort to control the barking. In my area barking dogs fall under the jurisdiction of animal control.

What ever you choose to do, please act.

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We have a neighbor up the street with barkers. Their neighbors in the house right beside them bear the brunt of it. Since they work odd hours (nursing) they need their sleep. So within a week of moving in, they grumpily groggily knocked on his door and simply said, "Hi. Nice to meet you. Do something about the barking" and walked off. LOL

The dog owner invested in one of these devices, but only used it during hours when barking would really be a disturbance, like at night. The dogs really got conditioned soon not to bark. Now they only do a cursory 'bark' if they see someone walking close to the house, and no longer bark incessantly.

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I've used the ultrasonic collar with no success. I just (this week) got an utrasonic machine that I sit on the front porch. It has a different sound from the collars, and it's slowing down the barking. At $100 is was a better deal than 5 shock collars. They advertise that you can mount it on a fence, (for barking NEIGHBORS) but when I got it the directions say it's water RESISTANT not water proof. I think it's helping but it will not be the be-all, end-all fix.


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wingo 43,

I sympathize with your situation. Sometimes these devices work and sometimes they don't. I tried a couple of these devices they did work for a while. What happened is that the dog owners discovered we had them. It sounds insane but the whole family (dog owners) got in front of the device and started barking to set the device off.

Over the next weeks we heard the sound of whistles - the dog owners trained the dogs to bark anyway and the devices no longer worked.

My neighbor got rid of one group of dogs and got another group of dogs. We have the same problem with constant barking. Its not the dogs that are the problem its the owners of the dogs that encourage their dogs to bark on a continuous basis.

Dog owners that abuse and neglect their dogs by allowing them to bark on a more or less constant basis are malicious and beligerant people. Be careful, these people could be dangerous. Chances are they already know their dogs bark, and they enjoy making your life miserable.

If you try the devices, don't tell the dog owners and try to avoid them learning about the devices. The dog owners might just try their best to get their dogs to continue to bark. Some devices come in a silent mode where only dogs can hear it. There are also some devices that are hand held that you point at the dog.

Animal control is not usually helpful. In the end your only option may be to move. You will probably have a hard time selling your home with those dog owners next door. You might have to default on your mortgage or abandon your property as uninhabitable.

Check out this website. It has some useful information. The best of luck to you and I hope that you will be able to resolve your problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barking Dogs.net

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I haven't read all the replies but one thing I use works for this if used only when absolutely necessary... Pocket sized air horn. Found at sporting goods stores. Neighbs have a yappy pomerian that they let run loose all over the hood. One little toot sent the dog back home in a flash. And it quiets down my dogs in a big hurry too but I try not to use it for that.

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I'm a dog trainer and have one that sits on my porch for my dogs that I can set to ultrasonic or a high pitch sound that we can hear too. My dogs seemed to get worn out on the ultra sonic setting fairly quickly but the high pitch one worked pretty well. Something to think about when using these is that thunder or other loud noises can set them off and cause the dog not pay attention to it any more because it's just this sound they keep hearing all of the time. Some dogs are truly made very nervous and fearful by these also.
I have not seen the model before that someone had a link to that runs on 9volt. It does sound good though because of the alternating sounds, a dog will not get "immune" to it so quickly. I had mine trained to kennel when they started barking and they were good dogs, but now the neighbors have a yapping puppy and it's starting to bring back bad old habits for my dogs.
I do agree that a dog that just sits and barks outside is bored, it has not had enough exercise. Dogs need to go for walks not just run around the yard after a ball because it works their brains. People forget to work dogs mentally and some dogs need more than others. There are dog treat puzzles that can keep them busy for hours too, but walks are critical to ALL sizes of dogs.

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I have read about pet owners with barking dogs being uneducated, etc. This is not true at all. Maybe some are, but others, like myself are not.

Yes, my dog barks everytime he hears a noise. We took him to classes, socialized him, walked him, disciplined him, and nothing has worked.

Shock collars and Ultrasonic Bark Control only works for some dogs, for others, it is not that easy.

Our dog came from an abusive home and unfortunately is afraid of everything. He also exhibits fear agression. From a few different places we have taken him for training at, we were told that the collars and ultrasonic devices will only make him more scared of everything and cause his behavioral disorder to get worse.

We were told the only thing that can be done is to have him put to sleep..... but would you have your child put to sleep???

Dogs may be annoying, but so are the uncontrollable children that run around, screaming at the top of their lungs. To bad they do not have unltrasonic controls for the neighbors kids!! Oh yeah, and for ignorant parents who bring 3 to 4 kids to Walmart and cannot control them!

Anyway, don't assume your neighbors are uneducated, and realize, some things cannot be changed. If you don't like it, MOVE!!

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Anyway, don't assume your neighbors are uneducated, and realize, some things cannot be changed. If you don't like it, MOVE!!

I feel bad for your neighbors.

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I'll say!!

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Why do you choose to own a dog you can't control? This dog is not your child and it is not a human being. If you can't improve this dog's quality of life by training the dog you should euthanize the dog. You can then consider owning a healthy dog after you consider if the responsibilities of dog ownership are something you wish to pursue at all. You should do yourself, your community, animals, and dogs a favor and not own another animal ever.

You don't seem to want the responsibility of dog ownership. It is irresponsible to ruin the peace of your neighbors, the free use of their property, and your neighbor's safety by owning an uncontrolled and/or uncontrollable dog. You need to control your dog so it doesn't disturb and/or endanger your neighbors. Again, if you are unwilling to train the dog you need to get the dog euthanized.

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Obviously, you did not read my message. WE DO TRAIN HIM. And nobody is at risk. He is always walked with a Gentle Leader Head Harness and is always in control when being walked. We do take him to classes and work with him all the time. AND we do exercise him constantly. We put much time and effort into helping him heal. He barks if he hears a loud noise, or noisy kids outside. Like I said, you did not read the message.

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS...which is why I WILL NOT choose to euthanize him. We took him in and it is our responsibility. Too many people look to euthanize or just drop their dogs off....that is irresponsible. And no, he is not human, but humans are nothing more than greedy animals that at times kill for fun, steal, cheat, lie. Watching the news really turns my stomach to see what we, as humans, do to other people. A dog is something innocent and it is not his fault that people are so ignorant.

Also, people not controlling their children is irresponsible ....we hear them constantly outside, yelling, screaming, and cursing. 8 and 9 year old kids saying "F*** YOU" and letting off fire crackers, throwing stuff. So if my dog barks, it is because of noise. When it is quiet, he does not bark. Like I said, he is a fear barking dog.

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Personally, if "all else has failed" and my dog was barking at air molecules, I'd try debarking surgery rather than just euthanizing the problem.
To tell someone to euthanize their beloved pet due to barking, without every attempt at correction being made is just utterly ridiculous and lacks caring attitude.

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I agree, telling someone to euthanize a dog due to barking is ridiculous. But telling someone to move because they don't like their neighbor's dog's barking is equally ridiculous.

If you get a pet, it's YOUR responsibility to ensure that its behavior doesn't encroach on the ability of your neighbors to enjoy their own property, or its YOUR responsibility to move someplace where your dog's barking won't affect others -- the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. Do you expect all of your neighbors to move and leave empty houses around you as a buffer zone so that your dog's barking won't affect anyone?

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I read your post. These are your words.

"Yes, my dog barks everytime he hears a noise. We took him to classes, socialized him, walked him, disciplined him, and nothing has worked."

"Our dog came from an abusive home and unfortunately is afraid of everything. He also exhibits fear agression."

"We were told the only thing that can be done is to have him put to sleep....."

"...some things cannot be changed. If you don't like it, MOVE!!"

In your post you gave two options. One was that your neighbors should move to give your dog space to howl its head off. The other was that you put your dog to sleep. You indicated that training the dog was not an option. You also indicated that the dog was aggressive. Of the two options you presented, I feel euthanization is the better option. As you describe the situation your dog is suffering from incurable behavior problems due to past trauma. The humane thing to do would be to put the dog out of its misery.

Despite your feeling that this dog is a human or better than human; I do not believe your neighbors should have to give up their homes so you can continue to own a uncontrolled dog.

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The Super Bark Free does work. It worked for us and for some friends of ours we lent it to. Give it a try. Better than being at war with the neighbors.

BTW people, dogs are supposed to bark (albeit not incessantly..) I would be mad at ours if they didn't (big difference between and alert bark and boredome barking also.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Super Bark Free

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