Braeburn Apples-beautiful outside but large brown spots in flesh?

rosewitchNovember 24, 2008

This was a first for me. Yesterday I made an early trip to the store for apples to make my daughter her favorite apple pie for her birthday. I came home with the usual 8 Granny Smiths and for a change I also got 6 Braeburn apples. The Braeburns were beautiful, firm and glossy, with no blemishes. I made my pastry and as it was chilling, I started to prepare the apples. The first Braeburn I cut into had large brown spots in the flesh and there was not enough good apple to save. The second Braeburn was as bad if not worse. I stopped and called the store, I can get new apples or a refund on my next trip. I had enough Granny Smiths to make the pie.

Has this happen to anyone else? I have been making pies for years and this is the first time I have ever had this happen. Could the apples have been frozen at some point? Wouldn't that have done some damage to the skin? I am at a lost on this one.



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Those browns spots are bruises. I bet the person putting the apples in the display threw them up on it and that is how the bruises were made.

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I have picked apples off the tree like that. I think they are over ripe, thats why they have brown spots. Or they were last year's apples and have been in storage.

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I've noticed that too on a couple of batches of apples in the last year or so. Can't recall what kind of apples they were though. I never could figure it out. If they were bruises, I would have expected at least some of the outside to show something and the pattern didn't really suggest bruising (sometimes the brown parts seemed to be coming from the inside out). I suspected them being over ripe or possibly frozen or something. They weren't really edible although they looked perfect on the outside. Disappointing.

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Yes the apples were just perfect on the outside, no soft spots, no marks of any kind, no dents, they were perfect.

carla35, you are right, the brown areas started at the seeds and came to within about 1/4 of the skin. I was so shocked after cutting them in half.

At least my Granny Smiths didn't let me down and a couple of them got damaged by being dumped in the shopping bag at the store by the bagger.
The pie turned out great and my daughter did let me have one slice!
Thanks for trying to help me figure this out.

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