Turkey gravy using roasting bag?

ovenbirdNovember 20, 2012

How do you make turkey gravy (no giblets please) when using a roasting bag? I've been volunteered to make the gravy this year and the turkey is being cooked in a roasting bag. I've no experience with roasting bags, so any help would be very much appreciated.

I'm imagining the gravy would be quite pale and without the goodness of a nice fond? Help and thanks!

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I've made gravy after using an oven roasting bag with no problem. It isn't really pale if I remember right. You can always add just a drop of gravy master if you want it darker. Or make a roue, letting the butter brown slightly, then use the drippings and broth to finish the gravy. I've only cooked about 4 turkeys in my 53 years, so maybe someone else can help more.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Ovenbird, put the bird in the oven in the bag on a rack.

Cut a few holes on the bottom of the bag for the juice to drip to the roasting pan and brown.

A few drops of dark soy sauce will darken the sauce to any degree you want. Dark soy sauce, not the light kind.


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Thanks! I'm not the one cooking the bird, so the "drippings" will be whatever the cook decides. Soy sauce...brilliant!

Do the drippings and broth need to be somewhat cool (not hot) when added to the roue?

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No, I would think it would mix better if it were warm or hot.

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