antique silver and antique pewter finishes

MNexlurkerFebruary 7, 2013

Okay, the other day I asked for help in deciding on kitchen hardware. Nickel hardware or black. a couple of GW suggested antique silver and antique pewter as other possibilities.

My new question thanks to the DH asking me and I don't have the answer - hoping my fellow GW will.

Question: Will the finish wear like ORB fixtures over time or will they last forever? Does anyone know or have experience with these finishes?

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bumping this for you. I would think the answer would depend on the quality of the finish at the beginning. Check out Berenson Hardware. I got my ORB from them, no sign of change yet. They pride themselves on their finishes. You could probably contact them with this question, as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Berenson Hardware

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Ginny20, Thank you very much for the bump and information.

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I've had antique pewter for 6 years. No problem. Agreed, it depends on the quality that you begin with.

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As of this morning 2-9- We are back to brushed nickel hardware. DH saw a home improvement show this AM and they were highly recommending the Brushed nickel pulls.

DH has seldom expressed an opinion with the remodeling - NOT his thing- I am perfectly a ok with the brushed nickel.

I dont recall who on the GW showed pictures of her kitchen with the pulls installed horizontally on uppers as well. Loved how it was eye pleasing. So am going to "copy" the idea in my very narrow galley /l shaped kitchen.

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I asked s similar question recently, specifically about Tob Knobs in antique pewter finish. One reply was all good after 1year, one reply was the handle on the refrigerator was showing wear after 7 years.

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Thanks for the wearability information. I appreciate it.

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