Painting Banister in Foyer Advice

beekeeperswifeSeptember 22, 2010

I am posting this, but will not see the results for a bit of time, so hopefully someone will be able to give me some answers while I am away from the computer.

I am thinking about painting the banister in my foyer. I would like it to be a very dark color. What prep is needed? What paint do I use so it doesn't end up looking a rental unit where the landlord came in and just coated everything in sight with paint. Will it ever look right, or can I only get the look I'm thinking about with stain? And this really isn't the right wood for that, I'm sure.

Also, if someone would bump this up every now and then just so that it gets as much action as possible I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, and I am looking forward to any responses when I return!

This is what the railing looks like now, and I'm only talking about the handrail, and maybe the other stained parts.

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maybe strip off the urtathane and stain it darker....would than not wear better?

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Traditionally, oak is a stain grade type of wood, so I wouldn't paint it. You may be able to simply scuff up the finish and apply a stain over the current stain and then apply some poly, but this may be a difficult job for a DIY'er to handle and get the stain right. If you were to paint it, you would want to sand the finish to dull the sheen, apply BIN, then two coats of a high quality 100 percent acrylic paint in either satin or semi-gloss.

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How about a dark gel stain. Those you wipe on, and can even wipe over the existing finish.

General Finishes "Java" is an excellent dark brown.

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Sheesharee recently did this and posted about it on the Home Decorating forum. (bump)

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