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clyftSeptember 4, 2012

I could use some suggestions and inspiration on colors to paint the backdoor of my house. Our house is a light yellow with brown shutters and a brownish-red roof. The front porch is screened in so you can't really see the front door. The front screen door is white and the front door is white. We'll be getting new doors soon that allow for more visibility and I am planning on painting the front door red.

The back door is not visible from the street. We primarily use this door though the front door is used for guests. I'm not sure I want this door to be red as well. Should we just keep it white or perhaps a different color? I'm afraid the white will just get dirty again quickly so another color would be better.

I look forward to your suggestions.


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Annie Deighnaugh

You might repost this with pics of the actual house and colors on the home decor thread...lots more active and lots of color advice there.

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