Painting on different Primers

leggestandSeptember 5, 2010

I am painting a storage room, so I used two different primers that I had on hand instead of buying more: one tinted tan and one white. The paint (an off-white "oyster" color) appears lighter on the tan primer than on the white primer (the opposite of what I would expect). Is there a way for me to even this out? Should I put another coat on only one? Which one?

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If paint was applied evenly, you shouldn't see ANY difference.
Since your color is basically White, it has the most "opacity".

Put a 2nd FULL COAT of paint on everything. Don't push paint too thin.

>>> IF you're getting about 20 square feet (a 4'x5' area) per roller-load, it's WAAAYY too thin.
>>> This is assuming a top-notch roller-sleeve @ 3/8" nap.
>>> Aim for ~ 2'x3'...SIX S.F., per load!!!


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