Okay to use water-based paint over oil-based primer?

artemis78September 11, 2011

I think the answer is yes, but wondered if someone with some experience doing this could confirm...I've made a mess of mixing latex and oil paints in the past but I think the primer is a special case, yes?

We have a lot of leftover oil-based primer (Kilz and Zinsser brands) from some older projects that I'd love to use up, but will need to cover the primer with BM water-based Satin Impervo. Will this work? If it matters, we're painting a wooden door that was last painted in BM oil-based Satin Impervo (one side) and some ancient paint circa 1920 that has now been sanded down (side that had been boarded up). I want a good primer that is going to seal that (presumably) lead-based paint in nicely since this is the door to a pantry in a house with small children, so we're wary of anything that is going to lead to a lot of peeling.

Is it safe to use the oil-based primer topped with the water-based latex in this scenario? If not, other recommendations? Thanks!

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Yes, using latex over an oil based primer is fine! Sounds like you have preped the previous painted surface well, so over it up with your oil base primer and you're good to go.. with you BM Impervo!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

It's always safe to use waterborne paints over alkyd primers.

It's also safe to use waterborne paints over clean, dull (sanded) alkyd paints, if you're using high quality acrylic enamels. For best results, read the prep labels.

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