eliminating carriage horses

suz1023September 26, 2012

ok, this has me steamed and i need to vent.

seems some people in nyc have been convinced that the nyc carriage trade is cruel and the horses need to be taken from their owners and retired.

photos on their web site shout about how cruel it is for horses to share their grain with piegons,lol.

ok, really?

has anyone of these protesters ever spent time with a horse?

and guess who is funding their screaming and cursing and harrassing carriage drivers?

wow, who could have seen this coming? the developer who lusts after the real estate the horses are stabled in, that's who!

so for those who don't know the truth, yes, carriage horses work for a living. sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. they require a lot of care and attention, and most of their owners truly care about their working partners.

of course some don't--just as some people are lousy parents doesn't mean no one is allowed to have kids!

there are laws in place regarding the proper care and feeding of horses, how about simply enforcing the laws already on the books and leave people who work with their equine partners alone.

why not turn their emotion to the overbreeding of quarter horses and thorobreds?

is it because the protesters have no clue where the real problems lie?

the true cruelty is shipping to slaughter houses in canada and mexico.

how i wish that their energy was directed there! or protecting wild horses and burros from career welfa--i mean cattle farmers?

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If we enforced existing laws then we could stop passing new ones and Congress would be out of a job, LOL.
Folks gonna carry on about strange things no matter what.

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