Show segment about a BARF dog food

HandyMacSeptember 21, 2009

Dirty Jobs, with Mike Rowe on Nat. Geo.

Company in California makes BARF food----from cows stomachs. The best stomachs---according to the company owner--- still have grass/beginning feces in them. The company grinds up the stomachs and packages the results.

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Bump to get it off the top.

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That's not typical BARF food although I bet dogs LOVE it.

What we buy is pretty much whole-animal ground up - meat, organs, bones. Duck, chicken etc.

Dog's droppings are not sloppy and not even stinky - when her buddy who's a kibble-fed dog comes over, who's tiny next to her, she poops MORE than the big dog, and droppings are FOUL.

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My dog has been on the BARF diet for exactly one week and he is pooping much less, although it is still quite smelly as it consists of 98% carnivorous material. Herbivores' feces are much less offensive in my opinion.

I've been feeding him my own combination of raw meats, bones, organs etc. I had previously fed him a raw diet that was manufactured by another company - I think it was called California naturals - and it is definitely cheaper to do it myself.

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