Which brand of paint is thickest?

eriepatchSeptember 13, 2012

We are painting a room and the walls are pretty rough.

We have sanded, primed etc but want to use a really think nap roller and thick paint if possible.

Who do you people think has the thickest paint?


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Thick paint will not fix the problem

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Call in a painter and have him skimcoat the walls, sand, and re-prime.

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Graywings, Thanks for a helpful answer.

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Graywings is correct. If the walls are that rough have them skimcoated. Use a flat or matte paint for best hide.

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No paint on this earth will do what you want in this case!

Wall-texture profiles can only be filled Joint-Compound or Plaster, sanded, and re-primed/painted.
It's kind of a big process, so DEFINITELY hire someone who knows what the h*ll they're doing!
Done correctly, sanding is minimized, and walls look great. It also adds value to the home!

Not surprisingly, most of the cost is labor. Actual materials cost (not incl. paint) MIGHT be $100!


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Ceiling paint is the thickest paint made for the house!

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eriepatch - The thickness of the paint is not a factor.

Thinner paint will go in the holes of the texture better.

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