Carrera Marble Counter is Chipped!

novice_from__ctFebruary 20, 2014

I noticed that there is a nickel sized "bruise" on my honed Carrera by the edge of my undermount sink. Someone must have banged the counter hard and the bruise is a very white mark left behind. I ran my finger over it to see if the mark was smooth and a little piece of marble chipped off! Now what do I do? I'm sick about it. These counter were installed just 4 months ago. Is it possible to fill in the chip? I left a voice mail for my installer. Any suggestions are very welcome!

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How about a picture?

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Sophie Wheeler

Embrace the patina. It's only the first of many beauty marks to come. Maybe slightly sand it if it's sharp.

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Without seeing a picture... Because stuns or bruises in marble can be quite deep, most likely the bruised area will need to be removed (ground away) and a filler used.
It is very difficult to fill/repair white marbles without it being visible. You need to decide if you would rather just fill it as is or remove the bruise and fill. A good repairman should have decent success removing the bruise and filling with filler.

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You need an experienced repairperson with an Invicon or Akiemi repair kit.

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