Glue traps - what are your thoughts on them?

gavinb08August 15, 2008

Am I the only one who thinks that these disgusting traps should be illegal? Someone mentioned using them to remove voles, and I posted my thoughts against them, saying how cruel they are and that there are more humane alternatives one could use instead. Of course, the reply was stuff like "you're kidding, right" and "some people shouldn't be dignified with a response".

Personally, I'm offended that they even exist. I once saw a mouse trying to get off one of these damn things, it was perhaps the most cruel thing I've ever seen involving animals. It was in a terrible shape, it's fur ripped, legs broken, etc. I will never understand why people would use such a barbaric trap over a quick-kill trap or a catch-and-release one.

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I agree- either kill 'em quick or catch and release. Slow torture is just not right.

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I agree with you. I would never use something like that and think they are very cruel.

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I agree with all of you!

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Glue traps are hideous!! I remember using them once in my 20's, when I didn't know any better. Some of the mice were, thankfully, dead. But, others were not. Those that were not, could only wish that they were. I will never forget how horrid it was seeing them on those terrible traps; parts of their bodies stuck down immobile as they tried desperately, yet hopelessly, to free themselves.

Needless to say, never again with those inventions of torture. Now, I only use catch-and-release traps when the need arises. I'd like to think that I have learned a lot in the past 20 years (maybe not as much as I think I have!!), but I do know that I value any animal's life far more than I did on that fateful day. They are living, breathing creatures and I treat them as such; especially since I like most of them quite a bit more than many of the 2-legged, living, breathing creatures that I've known!

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I agree with all of you (not much of a debate, but, oh well!) Glue traps were used at one of my jobs. I rescued one of the mice, who luckily had only two of its paws caught, and cleaned it up and released it far from the work site. Happily, I left that job long ago.

I can almost hear the eyes rolling in their sockets right now, but you gotta admit, this is torture. How cruel and/or lazy can you be, using this "throw away" device to rid a place of an animal? If humane traps are just too much work for you, then put them down quickly using other kinds of traps, don't let them suffer for hours or even days.

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"I can almost hear the eyes rolling in their sockets right now"

Why would people do that? I applaud you for your compassion and wish there were more people like you.

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Years ago when the field across the street was being torn up to build new homes we had MANY mice. We tried the humane traps first, but the mice avoided them. I didn't like the idea of the snap traps and had no idea the glue traps existed till my husband brought some home. We found out that fingernail polish remover works really well to disovle the glue and free the mouse. We also found out that an open box of ragatoni worked great as a trap - we could tell when a mouse was in the box because the gnawing on the pasta sounded like a geiger counter going off.

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I bait my snap traps with chunky peanut butter-at least they get a decent last meal.

Even though I consider mice vermin, there is no justification for suffering. What kind of sick mind thought up those things?

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They are cruel. I've used them and once had a mouse suffering for hours. I felt so bad. I think people like them because they are easy, they don't have to be "set." I won't use them again.

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I have only ever used glue traps once a long time ago when I lived in this crappy old apartment building.It wasnt for mice or rats though,it was for roaches.And,I dont care if killing roaches that way is cruel.They are disgusting.
If I had a rat or mouse problem,I would fi9nd some other way to treat the problem because I could not stomach the sight of what's been explained here.

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I hate those glue traps,

I think mice are cute

And they make great cat food MUCH better then friskies or Iams.

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Well, let me tell you what happened to my Granddaughter and her husband....They bought something that came in a big carton. When they got it home they took the item out of it and lo and behold, there was a family of teeny mice with no Mommy in sight. Well, soft hearted that they are, they went to the pet store, asked them if they had any suggestions for these mice. The clerk sold them the same food they recommend for hamsters. Those two bottle fed those little mice until they were big enough to be turned loose.
around Mother's day my Granddaughter said they had had a mouse in the house. I told her it was one who just came home to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. LOL

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I don't like poisons or glue traps. If one is going to kill a rodent, use something that kills them quickly.

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I think they are an horrible way to kill an animal and could not think of using them..How terribly warped are human being
to invent such device..helas..and poison is not much better.
What can one do?

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glue trap are horrible. I had some mice in my and babies. It was easy to catch the babies, but momma gave me a run for my money. But I did catch her( threw a towel over her and picked her up) and it took me hours, thenI took them to the outskirts of town and let them go in a field.
Forums like this brings terrible issue like this to light.Thanks for starting the post!

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My sister came across one at her husbands grandmothers. The poor little mouse was alive and had chewed two of its feet off to try and get away. They put it out of its suffering. It is just too horrible. They need to be killed instantly. The thought of its suffering is horrible...Not a bleeding heart, we just need to respect living things more.

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Glue traps are nasty. It's much better to set an old fashioned mouse trap that will snap the bones of a leg or back quickly, so it can suffer without having to chew it's own feet off. Or, one can get a cat so that the mouse can be played with for several hours. Death is never pretty.

Poison is actually more humane, as most of them work by depriving vitamin K, which makes for a fairly slow, but painless death. However, then you are stuck with the mouse rotting somewhere behind a stove, under a stairwell etc.

Live traps are better for the homeowner and the mouse. But rodents are shy of new things, any sort of trap should be put out, baited, for a few days before being set so they accept it as a benign part of the landscape. And if you use a live trap, don't just let the beastie go in the back yard, drive a mile or so away or you'll be trapping the same bugger over and over again.

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I may be wrong but I don't think anyone thinks that this kind of trap is humane in the least but sometimes(never used one and I will never have to I have 6 excellent mouse trappers who bring presents every day!) if all else fails it might be the absolutely ONLY alternative. The only other reason I suspect that people still use them is they don't realize what truly happens to the mouse/rat/mole/vole.

But I've been known to be wrong

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