dog breeders

ralfsmomAugust 20, 2009

it makes me sick when i hear of dog breeders that don't take care of their animals,breed them too often starve them,keep them in cages with no fresh air or light,etc. just for profit.Why don't they make laws for breeders? they make laws for everything else.i wish they would put the breeders in the same conditions they put the dogs in. ralfsmom

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There are laws. The problem is money required to enforce those laws. When people police are in short supply, animal police funds are lucky to be available at all.

Want to make a difference? Find those disreputable breeders and turn them into the authorities. I am not advocating being a vigilante---no skulking on provate property filming or picture taking.

Just talk to everyone and anyone to find out info---and turn that info in to the proper department in local government.

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