dog comes indoors & THEN pees ...

vieja_gwAugust 6, 2010

Usually female dogs are easy to train but we have a tiny 4 year old 7 lb. Miniature Pinscher that will come indoors & immediately go behind a couch, table, etc. & pee! When we grab her it is quite evident she knows what she has done (in a normal voice we will say 'who pee'd' & if she just has, her ears go back & she looks away.. otherwise she shows no reaction if she hasn't pee'd) but will do it again given the chance! She does go outdoors when she is outdoors & no problem. Any suggestions other than a diaper?

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We had this problem with a 10 lb. mini Dachshund that we took in. His previous owners kept him in a closet and he learned only to pee inside. No matter how long he stayed out with us, he just wouldn't go. It was heartbreaking because he really tried - actually he succeeded once only because he couldn't hold it and we praised the daylights out of him - and he was happy - but he didn't retain the memory for long. He was fine medically, just scared to go outside - although his 3 Dachshund siblings did go outside and he watched them but just couldn't bring himself to do it. Finally in desperation, we used a metal trough type of thing with newspapers and pee pads. We didn't want to have to do this, but after a couple of years it became a serious problem. A very nice dog, just scared of peeing outdoors - pooping was not a problem - go figure. I hope you get your problem sorted out.

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Guess with these dogs adopted from shelters or others we really don't know what they have been through or been treated. A friend has two tiny mixed breeds that were being taken into the local shelter when she asked if they were being given up? When the guy said 'yes, do you want them?' this friend took both of them! They too would just pee ir poop anywhere- inside or out!! She finally got an infant disposable diaper & cut it down to fit each of the dogs & put a disposable liner in each of them & it worked! Crazy to see the two little guys out in the yard wearing their diapers! Our little miniature Min-Pin is smart but stubborn as I KNOW she knows better than to 'go' indoors and her 8 pups (we kept one)all are housebroken.

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A visit to the vet to make sure the animal is healthy, then to a dog obedience or behaviorist. Don't let your dog rule your life.

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