Army to shoot live pigs for medical drill

oceannaJuly 21, 2008

HONOLULU - The Army says it's critical to saving the lives of wounded soldiers. Animal-rights activists call the training cruel and outdated.

Despite opposition by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Army is moving forward with its plan to shoot live pigs and treat their gunshot wounds in a medical trauma exercise Friday at Schofield Barracks for soldiers headed to Iraq.

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Ever seen wounds from battlefield combat? It is not like anything else and training is sadly lacking when confined to video games. I would not like a medic who worked on me to have my injury the first 'real' case they had ever seen.

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If the army wants realistic battlefield type wounds, then why don't they just go to a local trauma center, especially down in California. With all the gang shootings there won't be a lack of gunshot wounds now would there.
What about surgeons? Don't they learn on an artificial person before they actually do one on a person?
And here's a real good question I think. If they want real wounds like the ones the will see on the battlefield, then during training are they going to have some one throw grenades and shooting over their heads while they treat the pig's wound?

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That is a good suggestion---about the live fire. I was trained by having to crawl and assault a target under live machine gun fire---along with bunkers blowing up to simulate artiullery/grenade explosions when I went through basic training in 1965.

In 1970-72, that particular training had been abandoned---too dangerous. The official reason given was it was too easy for a depressed trainee to simply stand up during the exercise and commit suicide---supposedly that had happened several times. I doubt it, since the live fire machine guns were prevented from shooting lower than 7' off the ground---kinda difficult to get shot.

The trauma room idea is pretty good also----but the gang gunshot wounds are nothing close to battle field varieties.

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They've been doing that for years - with greyhounds.

I wrote Barbara Bush (years ago when Papa Bush was President) about the cruelty. I received a letter, addressed from the military depart of defense, condoning it as "research". Barbara didn't even read my I surprised, NO.

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Are they shooting the feral pigs that are destroying some areas in Hawaii? They are a big problem, polluting streams and eating endangered ground nesting birds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hawaii and feral pigs

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Polluting streams and killing endangered birds? I guess that sort of behavior is only acceptable when humans do it.

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No, it isn't acceptable for humans to do it.

Humans created the problem by allowing domestic stock to run wild and breed but the terrain is so hilly and forested that shooting is about the only way they can get these pigs out of the ecosystem. There are warnings posted all along the famous Road To Hana on Maui not to drink the water in the streams and waterfalls because they are infested with e coli from pig feces....Nice!

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After reading the entire article, I have to ask... is PETA joking, or what?! If left in their "capable" hands, animals would have the vote, for cripe's sake! Don't these people have anything better to do with their free time? Perhaps THEY should volunteer to be the gunshot victims in the Army's training exercise!

Most people have absolutely no idea the kind of medical trauma war brings to soldiers, and I think it's a good idea to give them as much realistic hands on training as possible before they are shipped into a war zone!

If the shooting and treating of pigs in a controlled environment is too traumatic for a soldier, he has no business wearing the uniform of the Army and going into a battle zone!

Perhaps the Army can kill two birds with one stone, and utilize the wild pigs on the island in their medical exercise...

What is wrong with people these days? Where is their common sense? Wouldn't it be much better to sacrifice a few pigs for the betterment of mankind in war situations, than to send in a bunch of untrained soldiers so more can die of wounds because they have no hands on experience in field triage?

OMG... let's all go hug a tree!

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If shooting some pigs to simulate battlefield trauma and life saving treatment will save our loved ones in battle, I say go for it.

PETA junk mail goes in the recycle bin in my house. There are way more rational environmental and animal rights groups out there. War is hell enough without more controversy for this group to stir up.

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PETA wants total liberation of all animals.

No pets, no police dogs, no meat, no leather, no fur, no aquariums, no zoos, no riding horses, no seeing eye dogs, no eggs, not even nature films.

Animals should be free and not exploited in any way by man.

Someone should tell that to Keiko, the orca whale from the movie Free Willy who was set free and.....died.

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