Go figure---new dogs like roach baits!

HandyMacJuly 31, 2007

We live in a mobile home park. Occasionally a neighbor is less than diligent about household cleanliness---and then disappears into the might. Leaving a problem. We have lived here over 20 years and expaeienced this problem four times now.

Old dogs never bothered the black plastic baits. The kind that have bait that the bug takes back to the nest/group.

My two new dogs love them. This morning, I set out twenty baits---and put six in the open places--behind the trash can bin, behind the bedroom TV table, inside the closet doors, etc.

I took a nap and arose to find chewed remnants of bait plastic!!! And two dogs(70-80 pounds) with freshly polished halo's.

Know what to give a dog to make them regurgitate? Me neither---never had to. Ipecac works for kids---learned that the hard way years ago.

Called my vet---she said give them hydrogen peroxide. About two to three tablespoons full for my sized dogs. One dog lapped it up---he eats anything---even onions if he can. The other---no way! So, plastic syringe, 3 tablespoons---approximately---and squirt it into his mouth. I used to paste worm horses---same thing.

Oh---ah---one important thing----do this outside. You will thank yourself if the need ever arises.

Both are doing just fine.

Have had dogs all my life---first time any ever ate roach motels!!

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I'm not sure what we're debating... whether or not dogs like roach baits?
I'm glad your dogs survived tho and are doing ok after eating them.

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Well, I posted this in the Pets forum---have no idea how it wound up here.

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Ok now *that's* something that we can debate. :-)
I say "you didn't."

OK now you say "yes I did"

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We live in a Mobile home park as well and I have the outside of my house sprayed by a exterminator any time anyone nearby moves or even if they pull a mobile out past mine. The first time I found those nasty little critters on my deck it was from a guy 2 houses down and across the road moving, didn't know they would travel so far! I keep my bases covered now, I can't stand those bugs!
I am glad your dogs are okay, that could of been really bad, I would of been freaking out if I caught my dogs chewing on one of those.

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Yes, I did!! I really did post this in Pets!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Look at the directions. They'll advise you to keep away from pets and children.

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Yeah, I knew that. Never had a problem with the other dogs doing this---even as pups. Most of the baits are out of their reach---but those six were in places where I put them when the previous dogs were here.

My basic reason for posting this was to remind folks it is possible things will be different with different dogs.

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People.... Agreeing with one another is not how you have a debate.

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My dog just ate a Combat roach bait tray. I looked up the active ingredient, Hydramethylnon, up online and found this info...


Vomiting and gagging are the most common signs reported in dogs with oral ingestions of hydramethylnon. Emesis would only be necessary if large amounts (greater than 1 ounce of bait/kg) were ingested. According to the manufacturer of Combat® Roach Control System (1.65% hydramethylnon) a medium-sized (20 kg) dog would experience adverse effects from the bait itself only after eating an amount equivalent to 250 trays. Mechanical obstruction may be seen if the dog ingests the control system (plastic).

I found most of the plastic, my vet says that it's probably too late to make her vomit because we've been gone for 6 hours and we don't know when she ate it. She was mostly worried about the plastic too. I thought we had those baits hidden well. I'll feel better tomorrow, when I'm sure that my dog is ok.

I hope this helps.

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