Warm cream color???

lriddleSeptember 3, 2008

I am painting my living room, dining room and kitchen and have been searching for a warm cream color. I've tried several so far and they all seem to be too dark. Please does anyone have any suggestions in either a Home Depot color, Ralph Lauren or a Frazee Paint color. Help-I dont think i can handle another failed effort!


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We just completed painting our kitchen, living and family rooms yesterday after 3 months of my agonizing over finding the perfect warm creams. In our case, we went with Benj Moore because I like the durability of Aura and used 3 slightly different tones as each room gets different light. Linen White in the kitchen is just slightly yellow but works because there aren't any windows and we have medium toned wood cabinets and red oak floors. Bone White in the family room is perfect with our 2 story wall of windows. I think B Moore base tends toward a slightly yellow undertone but it really depends on the overall tones in the room. When we lived in homes with white oak or marble floors and varying types of windows, the same colors looked different and we made other selections.

You might want to read Magnaverde's pearls of wisdom as it helped me regain perspective after the store did not properly tweak the living room paint sample I gave the painters. I seriously considered wasting a small fortune to redo the paint primarily because the slightly pink undertone does not complement the matting on some of our art. I'm still taking a deep breath when the thought recurs since I didn't win the lotto.

The problem, besides the anal tendencies we perfectionists share, is that the paint will always look different in your home when it reflects back in your light. So I can tell you that Ralph Lauren's Edwardian Linen looks warm and creamy in my house, but it may not in yours even if you like it in mine. Look at the Glidden color strip with Tusk Tusk, Antique White, Crisp Linen, Smooth Pebble & Bone White. One of these will likely suit your tastes although C Linen is likely too light.

Sorry I don't know Frazee. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Toning down Yellow (Magnaverde's wisdom)

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Look at Eddie Bauer "cloth". It is a pleasant enough color.

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Like AB, I used BM's Linen White on my kitchen walls, also up the stairway (high ceilings there)& down the hallway. Used Bone White on my kitchen cabinets. Love them both, but it took me forever to decide on these colors! One would think that some shade of white would be the ultimate no-brainer, but it's actually probably the toughest call. There are literally thousands of shades of white & off-white available--maddening!

AB is so right about lighting! Even different sides of the same room can look like different colors, so don't drive yourself crazy. I would recommend buying a couple of cans, painting poster board & taking a good look w/ the real thing. Those tiny little swatches they give us don't help the cause. Good luck!

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