Dog Fighting

muskyhopefulJuly 18, 2007

This has been floating around in the news for the last several months. Looks like the hammer is finally coming down on the NFL's fastest quarterback.

Obviously there won't be anyone here that's going to argue in support of dog fighting. I'm wondering if anyone can explain the mindset of these type of people?

Is this a southern thing? Is it a racial thing? Is it a spoiled professional athlete thing? What makes people think fighting dogs could in any way be acceptable. I remember when rumors concerning Michael Vick and big time dog fighting first came out, that Clinton Portis, another NFL player, implied that it was really no one's business whether Michael Vick was fighting dogs, because he was a role model that contributed to the community. He basically was stating why would anyone care.

I have heard rumors on talk radio that other athletes could be involved. I heard comments today that Vick allegedly has been involved personally even with the hanging, electrocution, and/or drowning of losing or injured dogs.

It's mind blowing. This guy has millions of dollars, a legion of fans, and is under the public microscope. Yet he feels that fighting dogs is a worthwhile past time.

Here's an article.


Here is a link that might be useful: Michael Vick indicted for dog fighting.

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We have a thread going on the Pet Forum regarding this piece of human debris'abhorrent behavior. There are suggestions for emailing your opinions also. I'm going to be one voice that speaks for these innocent and beautiful dogs....

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As I understand , dog baiting/fighting has been going on for hundreds of years. Regions of central Europe, Russia, and even the Far East had dog fighting hundreds of years ago. Rural areas of the East, South, and West Coast all have histories of dog fighting. The same areas often participate in cock fighting.

The Romans had bull baiting, human fights to the death and other atrocities.

It is a shame, but some folks are simp[ly excited by terrible things.

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I posted an opinion on the Pets forum also, and this is going to be the last time I address this issue. My stomach can't take it.

The people who are getting their kicks out of doing this are not only sick, they are mentally and spiritually bankrupt. Each time a terrible act is done to an animal, the damage to the spirit is unmeasurable. Over time, one sinks so low, rebounding to a positive way of living is nearly impossible.

True other populations present and past have found enjoyment in watching torture, but this does not make it right. In order for each of us to have peace, we must make it. Engaging in such heinous acts is inhuman.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a member of any type of animal rights group, as a matter of fact, I deplore them and their tactics, mainly because they refuse to address this issue. PETA would rather chastise people who eat honey (because it disturbs the bees) than get involved with a serious subject like this.


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This whole thing is so abhorent to me. I can not understand how any one can do such cruel things. Everything about it discusts and saddens me, and I heard on the news that some of the dead animals found, were ones advertised as missing pets. These were either found or stolen, then used as "practice" by the fighting dogs. Every one found guilty of being invilved with this inhuman activity, should be executed.

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Men have been fighting animals (and each other) and betting on the outcome for thousands of years.

Entire towns used to celebrate and picnic at hangings.

Bullfighting to the death still goes on today in Mexico and Spain.

It is hoped that we might learn that these "blood sports" are sick and disgusting as the centuries pass.

We had a NBA player here caught with fighting dogs. I believe that there should be zero tolerance for drugs and dog fighting within professional sports.

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My favorite (short) video about pit bulls and dogfighting.

CAUTION: some photos may be difficult to take. But they are brief, and the video is a great educational tool.

Here is a link that might be useful: What is Man Without the Beasts?

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spiritual_gardner: Not all animal rights activists belong to PETA. In fact, a very large number of them don't belong to PETA. I am an animal rights activist and I have no "tactics" for you--or anyone else--to "deplore."

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In the Atlanta Journal this week, an article about M. Vick stated that both Peta and the Humane Society are pushing for Vick's dogs to be destroyed. Is this because of liability if one of his dogs bite someone? I'm having a hard time understanding why these 2 organizations are taking such a stance.

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It makes sense to me that they would have to be destroyed. Unsocialized dogs that were trained to fight and be aggressive are a danger to everyone. As sad and unfair as it is for the dogs, who have already suffered so much, how could you risk them killing someone? At least their deaths will be humane and they won't live in the horrific circumstances they would have endured with Vick. Here's the link to what the Humane society says about it on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vick's dogs

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Regarding Vick's dogs, what Deb18 says is very true. Even if it were possible to rehabilitate the dog, I would be afraid that any saved dogs could end up in the hands of yet another dog-fighting ring.

As horrible as dog fighting is, there is enough money involved that an unscrupulous person might adopt one of these dogs, under the pretense of trying to rehabilitate it or give it a loving home. And sometime later turn around and sell it [for a profit] to a dog fighting ring.

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Many shelters euthanize all pit bull and pit bull mix/type dogs because of the risk that they may end up in the hands of someone who fights them.

The nation is flooded with pit bulls and pit bull mixes/types. Our local animal control reported recently that 40% of the dogs going through their doors are pit bulls or pit bull mixes/types. They do not automatically euthanize here though.

Dogfighting has been going on for hundreds of years but this fad that every young tough man needs a scary dog is relatively new. I think a large percentage of them must also be involved with drugs. Using the dogs to scare rivals or protect their cash.

Dog popularity does go in cycles and German Shepards and Rottweilers and Dobermans also have been popular and have had major problems with the media but the pit bull situation is far worse.

My friends completely sweet, dog, kid and cat safe but big and scary looking American Staffordshire Terrier was stolen from their backyard. Then dumped when it was discovered he was not aggressive in any way. (the perps were caught, he didn't just wander off) So lucky he wasn't used for bait but it was just some punk who wasn't really a big time criminal or dog fighter who took him.

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I think, like the ACLU, there are individuals and groups, who try to marginalize PETA and other animal rights groups, by painting them as extremists, when in fact they often represent the feelings and beliefs of the mainstream.

The Humane Societ of the United States is a national organization that has made dogfighting one it's priorities. The group, lead by Wayne Pacell, has had a strong presence in the south re: efforts to enact legislation in southern states and was widely quoted re: the Mike Vick case here in Atlanta newspapers. If you are interested in learning about the issue of dogfighting and efforts that this group is involved in, as well as how you can get involved, go to their website:

PETA has also had involvement in dogfighting. They have conducted undercover investigations that have lead to legal action and changes in laws. PETA has had many successes working with corporations, government, and individuals to help raise awareness and advocate for laws that are not cruel to animals. For example, several juice companies (including Welch's)recently agreed to stop experiments on animals. PETA is a wonderful organization that has made a profound impact on animal welfare. It is true that there are those who focus on some of PETA's "wild tactics" to get attention or some of the issues that relate to vegan lifestyle, meaning awareness of exploitation of all animals, including bees, but busting down the honey bee business has not been a focus of work for PETA, if at all. If you have not really familiarized yourself with all PETA does do, visit their webstie at

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Naturemama, Welch's experiments on animals?? I had no idea!! Juice is probably the last thing I would have associated with animal experiments!!

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Hard-core PETA philosophy is that all pets are enslaved and should be destroyed if they cannot revert back to wild living. I just cannot agree with that, and I think that my dogs; Toby, Casey, and Bina would agree!

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No extreme has the best answer---the Far Right or the Leaning Left---PETA or NRA.

Each outfit has good points and bad points. The problem is with the people in the organizations---they are the problem---or the solution.

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I have spent hours researching PETA on their own website. The HSUS too.

While working against dog fighting is totally admirable most of their goals are extreme.

No pets, no milk, no meat, no leather, no honey, no fishing, no aquariums, no zoos, no riding horses, no uses of animals by man in any way. Death is better than enslavement.


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No pets, no milk, no meat, no leather, no honey, no fishing, no aquariums, no zoos, no riding horses, no uses of animals by man in any way. Death is better than enslavement.


I agree. I also agree with handymac. As much of a 2nd ammendment advocate as I am, I refuse to have anything to do with the NRA because of its extreme views. Some times, extreme views are needed, though, to counter extreme views from others to the opposite extreme. The name Sarah Brady comes to mind.

Much as I hate to admit it, PETA HAS done some good. But for the most part, as buyorsell888 said, their views are crackpot, to say the least.

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