door and drawer pulls...what size?

nikkidanFebruary 11, 2012

I'm hoping to do all pulls on my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. I'm wondering what size pull to put on the different size doors/drawers.

Should I put bigger pulls on the bigger drawers, or use all the same size pulls, but put 2 on the bigger drawers?

Whats the standard pull to drawer size?


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Hi Nikki.

I did all pulls in my kitchen also. I don't like the look of two small pulls on wide drawers so I looked for pulls that came in multiple sizes including an 8". I aimed to size pulls on various drawer stacks following the rule of thirds or the Golden Mean, roughly translated into the pull covering the middle third of the drawer front with one-third of the drawer visible on each side of the pull.

After my pull order arrived, I walked around with the various sizes and held them up on my cabs to see what looked best. I ordered a couple dozen extra of each size pull to give myself flexibility. So I ended up with this:

30-38" wide stacks have 8" pulls
18-24" stacks have 6" pulls
17" drawers have 4" pulls

Cabs (very few)
all pulls are horizontal on cabs
11" doors have 4" pulls
15" doors have 6" pulls

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Here are pics of my kitchen to see how the sizing worked out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with my kitchen pics

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I am working on my hardware and have the same shaker style fronts. I think I am correct that your "Thirds" rule is based on the width of the inside panel not the full width of the drawer fronts? If these were slab fronts then the pulls would have been wider correct?

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Hi Todds. People go either way with the Golden Mean on cabs. You can look at just the inset panel or at the entire drawer front. Before my pulls came, I calculated the entire drawer front, rails and stiles. When I walked around eyeballing which size looked good on which drawer, I changed it up a bit here and there. Just go with what looks good IRL.

If I had slab fronts, my calulcations would be based on the entire drawer. Good thing mine weren't slabs though because my 39" stacks would have needed much longer pulls than I could have afforded! :)

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While I am pissed that you got finished with your kitchen first I have to say that your pulls look nice and proportional on your drawer fronts ;).

In your style does the projection and/or thickness of the handle change with the various widths? I am looking at the Hickory Studio style pulls which are square. The thickness of the pulls increases as the width increases. This also affects the projection.

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Todds--at me?!? I'm not done! Have you SEEN my thread with pics? Not. Done.

I looked at the pulls you mention. No, mine don't have increased projection with increased pull length. The pulls, whether 3.5" or 8", have the same handle thickness and projection. Love that.

Sounds like you're making good progress though, yes?

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