it is not the dogs fualt!

dogylover09July 24, 2008

if you teach the dog to kill it will. if you teach the dog to be kind and to love it is all how you raise them. the reson dogs attack poeple in naborhoods or on the street is cuz they are protecting and it is the owners fualt for letting them loose!

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Maybe when you read my post about the dogs that killed the baby you will think again about that statement!

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Irresponsible breeders AND irresponsible owners are at fault for maulings and killings... dogs that display poor temperaments and poor discretion should never be bred in the first place... and owners should research breeds and breeders thoroughly BEFORE purchasing a pup, and always supervise their animals and keep them contained.

There are WAY too many people involved with large breed canines that are totally irresponsible and have no common sense!!

If breeders and owners "did it right", there'd be no need for shelters, rescue organizations, and the mauling of humans wouldn't happen!

It's pretty sad when the dogs are smarter than the people...

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jodik, I agree. However the last two dogs I got from the local pound. So I can't know the line/parents. But I know me, I know I am a strong trainer and won't put up with dogs being aggressive at all. The last one we adopted was 2 months ago. A german shepherd pup and she tried to display food bowl aggression. I nipped that in the bud at the first signs of it. I have seen today the pup(now 7 months old) and my toy poodle (16 years old) chewing on a bone together. I so wish I had the camera ready. Was so cute to see them at different ends of the bone. Neither seemed to care that they were sharing the bone.
All dogs in my house are spayed, I think that is where most people make the mistake. I am sorry unless it is a dog that is show quality it should be spayed/neutered. People should take more responsablity in their "pets" and make sure they are fixed. That sure would cut down on the amount of dogs/cats at the shelters to be adopted out to everyone that can or can not take care of dogs. I was not asked to many questions, just if I have any other pets, which I guess they were able to look up if I got them their rabies shots. Not that I take good care of them. One dog I got from there is a toy fox terrier picked up as a stray. That was 4 years ago. They did tell me she was going to be high energy, yep got two teens in the house,needs room to run, half acre fenced in, no training, yep so did my kids when they came into this world. She went home with me. Then the GSD pup that I adopted 2 months ago. I told them I knew the breed, have had them before. Guess I told them enough because they said she is yours. I took her back for a visit after having her for a few weeks. They were impressed on her progress. In two weeks she had solid sit, down, play dead and give paw.
Yes dogs are what you put into them.

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I have to disagree with the spay/neuter... in 30 years, we've NEVER had an accidental breeding! Why? Because females in heat are kept contained and separated. Only chosen breedings are made.

There is no evidence that spay/neuter does anything positive for a dog... except eliminate testicular cancer. Of course, the testicles aren't there to become cancerous. It doesn't stop aggression, it doesn't stop urination in the house, or do any of the other things alleged. Spay/neuter actually shortens the life span of most breeds... once spayed or neutered, the dogs' system changes... mainly because we don't give them the synthetic hormones needed to balance the system... and the dog begins to gain weight, which puts undue stress on the heart, etc... and there are other problems.

Think of a woman who has a hysterectomy... she has the option of replacing those lost hormones... most dogs do not. The body is like a machine... keep all the parts, and keep them running well, and the machine runs well... take away a part, and the machine doesn't run so well anymore. Taking away the balance of hormones causes the system to not function at peak levels. That's just common sense.

I believe in being responsible, by keeping your dog leashed or fenced or supervised. There should be no need to spay or neuter animals... except... you can't make people be responsible owners. That's the down side.

The only way you can know about an adopted dogs' background is to research the breed or breeds that comprise that dog, which will give you a general idea of what to expect, health and temperament-wise. There are always exceptions, however... so vigilance is a good thing.

You are correct, though, in that pets are what you put into them... half an animal is genetic, the other half environmental... even if you have little to go on with regards to the genetic side, you can still provide a great environment, including diet, exercise, training, etc... and have a wonderful, well-mannered companion!

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jodik you need to better educate yourself about spaying and neutering. Unless you are a reputable breeder, you should have your animals spayed/neutered. If spaying/neutering shortens lives, I guess my 20 yr. old dog should have been dead at 10 and my 22 year old cat dead at 15??

Spayed and neutered animals are absolutely better pets with better and more even temperments. They are healthy as well. It's logical science. The hormones are what drives their behavior and without those hormones, their behavior will change for the better. Weight gain is from too many colories, pure and simple. My spayed and neutered animals are not overweight. Overweight animals don't get enough exercise, it's an owner problem, not a result of spaying/neutering.

More unspayed and unneutered animals end up dead on the street because they are out there "searching". If anyone loves and cares about their animal, they will have it spayed/neutered.

Your uneducated way of thinking is the reason this country has to put down 10 ml animals a years in shelters from unwated breeding.

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AGREE, there are WAY to many unwanted animals, and neutering HELPS them and the populations from getting outa control.

Testostrone is a NASTY hormone, its truly survival of the fittest otherwise our bodes wouldnt put themselves though it and countless studies have shown it to be damaging physically as well as mentally dangerous, there's a reason why more young people then older people go to jail. The old lady you mentioned as an example isn't taking THAT hormone because of health/behaviorial risks/ and our systems are different then a cat or dog. A cat virgin can get health issues from not going out and getting pregnant while a human female-wont.

I urge you to research cat fixing, and explore the benefits, maybe you will change your mind.

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