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HandyMacJuly 13, 2007

Property foreclosures are going up and authorities are beginning to find abandoned animals in/around the property. I saw a report of a place in Oklahoma where about 20 horses were abandoned when the owners left--the authorities did not get out to inspect for 2 weeks. Some of the horses were so weak/malnourished, they had to be euthanized.

People can keep an eye out and stop some of that. One of my dogs would have been left that way had a neighbor not told my DIL, who took the dog in.

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I don't know why no one wants to talk with you about this.
I think though the problem is not all that new, it may be brought more out into the public attention by the media as they discuss the problems in the housing industry.
Folks get evicted and leave pets behind, folks get arrested and it is not law enforcement's job to look after the animals, unless it's a vicious dog threatening them.
Some people spend the summer in the country, getting a cat for "the kids" and when it's time to go home, the cat gets left behind.
As long as animals are perceived as property, the property owner often feels s/he can dispose of them at will, same as the owner can discard garments, furniture or anything else once it's not "useful" any more. It is a mind-set many havein the "disposable society"
Sad, but true.

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I basically posted it for informational purposes. I think we all agree it is terrible, so if the informatiuon gets someone to look to see if a person left pets and calls the animal authorities---that saves an animal, maybe.

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This is a good idea to be on the lookout for abandoned animals!!
This is not just something on TV. They abandon their pets like they're some kind of material property.

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Pets ARE material property. I don't have a problem with that. But there are laws against animal negligence and in these cases, the owners should be found and punished.

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