Advice needed regarding choosing a dog breed

ivamaeJuly 19, 2012

We presently have a Beagle, who is very good with people and other dogs, but is too strong for me to walk. He weighs a little over 40 pounds.I'm a senior, senior. We would like to get another dog who weighs a maximum of 20 pounds but would also be good with our other dog and with people in general. I do not want a real tiny dog and know I don't want a Jack Russell. Also would like one that does not require a lot of expensive grooming, but does not shed a lot. Any suggestions? Thanks

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most of small dogs you have to groom. but if want a smart dog and dont shed I would say poodle .

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Ivamae, did you get a second dog?

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Gee, why don't you just train the dog? No, a senior senior is no excuse. I am a very small person (senior senior also) and have two large labs. Love them both and they know who is boss.

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I agree. The dog needs good obedience training. I took my dog, 3 lbs, to a training session where there was a very small lady with a HUGE pit bull. The dog was dragging her all over. She had NO control. After only ONE session, the dog was walking right beside her and minding real well. He needed more work, but the change in his behavior was astounding.

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Wow rude replies. The OP stated wanting a dog that would get along with her dog, so it wasn't like they just wanted to get rid of the beagle. I am not a senior but I know plenty that walk by my house and just enjoy the company of a dog on their walks.

Beagle and other hounds pull a lot more than other breeds and it is very difficult to stop. Hounds follow their nose. You can train your beagle, several options including a no pull harness (a standard harness will encourage pulling), a gentle leader, or a pinch collar. Used properly all are effective and humane.

As for other breeds, you could take your pick of smaller breeds, a pug, maltese, bichon frise, italian greyhound. Even a small beagle.There are two standards for beagles and the small ones don't get over 20lbs. Your beagle is large for a beagle.

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I would suggest a whippet, or an italian grey hound OP have you gotten yourself a dog yet?

Italian greyhounds are scent free, don't shed- don't bark, and get along very well with other dogs (NOT CATS) and people.

I own two whippets- and I would suggest them (a female) but you said under 20lbs so that would be out as my girls weigh 25lbs each. Both whippets and IG's are docile sweet and kind, but IG's can be feircely shy and snippy (some bite) and so for this reason I chose whippets. also IGs are finer boned and injure easily where whippets don't.

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My advice would be to change your search critera a bit.

Instead of starting off with breed in mind, how about putting it in the middle of your list?

How about looking for a adult dog (say three of age to middle age), and a beta, and the opposite sex of your present dog.
My favorite breed is mixed breed. Keep in mind if you are offered a dog, there is some 'flexibility' in the breed listing. By that I mean a dog I might suspect to be a bull terrier/beagle will almost always be described as a beagle mix.

A whippet would be down at the bottom of my list with Karelian Bear Dogs. Way too much energy.

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