please help me decide about dog adoption

katrina_ellenJuly 31, 2011

My daughter recently was given a bichon freize from one of her clients (daughter grooms dogs) who is going into hospice sadly. She raised the dog from a pup and she is 3 years old. The lady was partially disabled and this dog was a big part of her life, she spent lots of time with her. My daughter should not have taken the dog because she already had 5 dogs, so I said I would take her for a trial period. I work full time and would be gone at least 9 hrs. a day. I have been taking the dog to work with me but that won't last. I think a dog should not be on its own 9 hrs. a day, 5 days a week, and the other times I am gone for whatever else I do. I am single and live alone. Is it advisable I keep the dog? I feel in good concious I cannot leave the dog alone that long, but maybe others are in the same situation and it works out? Thanks for any comments - I really am not sure what to do.

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Would it be possible for you to get her a pal - another little dog? I work f/t too, but I have a fenced-in yard and a doggie door. I adopted two dogs and they are truly the best of friends - practically joined at the hip. I had an Irish Wolfhound before and I find my little Bichon-Cockapoos to be so much more emotionally needy - for each other and me. I can't imagine your little dog being alone that much. Also, if you can afford it, think about putting your dog in doggie daycare on the days that you are going out in the evening. My friend has a standing appointment for her dog every Friday. And lastly, try to find a kid or maybe even retired person in your neighborhood who can stop over for a visit and a walk midday when needed.

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Also, you may want to post this in the pets forum, which is much more active, rather than the debates forum.

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Thanks betsyhac. Yes this little bichon is very needy. Follows me everywhere and wants to go everywhere with me. She is the sweetest dog, but I do think since I can't afford dog daycare that I will have to find another option.

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