Painting Washer & Dryer....

itltrotSeptember 20, 2011

Has anyone done it? Any tips or tricks? I really want to paint my washer and dryer red. They are only a few years old and work fine but want more pizazz than just white.

DH says he can paint them in automotive paint and should be fine as long as I sand and prep them good ahead of time as well as mask off the areas I don't want painted like the control panel.

I'd appreciate any insight or information anyone has. Thanks!!

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Keep in mind that no home-brew method is going to give you the durable finish that is already there. Be prepared for scuffs, chips and scratches to appear quickly. The automotive thing makes me think, if you can afford it, take the parts you want painted off and take them to an auto body shop to be painted.

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I've got the inside connection on the auto paint. DH has a custom paint and restoration shop on our property so he can definitely paint it. Curious to see if anyone else had gone that route or another.

I figured there would be chips and nicks with spray paint. I've ready to use epoxy appliance paint but haven't found it in red. *sigh

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I had some appliances painted at an auto paint shop, the results were remarkable and it wasn't expensive.

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lynne, do you happen to have any pictures you could share? How long have they been painted? Any chips, flakes, scratches?

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It will all depend on the prep that you do, as does the quality of any paint job. Then, the wear will depend on the paint used. I don't think it'd take a quart of Imron to do the job, but it's not cheap. Or, if you can take the parts apart, a powder coat is MUCH more durable. It's beyond a home powder coat oven though because of the size of the parts.

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