Another child killed by the family pets

lilliepadJuly 29, 2008

Just another reinforcement of my belief that "any" dog is capable of killing a child.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dogs maul baby

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Although I think this is a tragedy, I still believe the parents and grandmother are ultimately responsible for what happened.

To leave an infant alone with dogs is negligence, plain and simple. Until we require dog owners to take responsibility for the misdeeds of their pet(s), things like this will continue to happen.

There is flat out no excuse for leaving a baby, or a child, for that matter, with unsupervised animals. I would also add that I think it was negligent to leave a 2 month old baby in a swing unsupervised, as well.

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I'm not debating who is "responsible"! I agree,the baby should not have been left unattended with dogs in the house.However,we are all human and I can see the possible human error in the situation and I won't point any fingers because I don't know what went on in that house before this happened.From a personal standpoint,if I had been in their shoes I probably would not have given much thought to leaving the baby within earshot.Maybe they didn't know the dogs were in the room or even in the house.Maybe someone else let them in,(other kids possibly?).Maybe someone else was suppose to be in the room with the baby and stepped out to go to the bathroom! Who knows?? There are just too many "maybes" to say they were "negligent"! Something like this probably never crossed their minds because the dogs were after all family pets,around the baby every day,etc.When I was younger and raising my kids I don't think I would have thought about something like this happening,but then again my dogs were not treated like children and not in the house when babies were present and cats were never allowed around the babies! They were enjoyed as pets and not as another one of my children.As I have gotten older and maybe a little wiser,I am even more cautious about animals around babies and children.
Negligence and human error are two totally different things.I won't judge the mother and grandmother until I know without a doubt they were "negligent",and I am sure this mother and grandmother will be blaming themselves for the rest of their lives,even if it wasn't really their fault! The thing I am trying to get across is that dogs are animals with animal instincts,no matter how "well trained" they may be.Small "squeaky" objects (and in this case a swinging,squeaky object) are prey in their eyes.Therefore,one should never say,think or believe their own family pet could ever do something this disastrous!

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