Alternatives to euthanasia for cat with aggression and urinates

mouser414June 3, 2012

My wife and I have a five year old cat. She is healthy. She has long been aggressive with most people, including myself. The cat is aggressive with visitors and has not warmed up to me in the four years she's known me or the year during which we've lived under the same room. She has a strong bond with my wife though.

The cat has gone through periods of urinating inside. She first did this 15 months ago to our knowledge at my wife's apartment. We believe this went on for at least a few weeks with regularity. She urinated at my apartment during a 3 week period before my wife and I moved in together. About a year went by before she, again, began urinating in our current apartment.

We have tried a lot of things to deal with both the aggression and urinating. We recognize that these behaviors are likely related. We have tried me feeding her treats, giving her my clothing with my 'scent' on it to use as bedding, prozac, all types of litter and litter box combos, etc, etc.

We don't feel that we can keep her, with urinating being the major issue - we can't continue to have the cat peeing on our landlord's wood floors and likely subjecting our downstairs neighbors to the strong odor of cat urine.

With the behavior issues, and more so the urination issues, we don't believe she can be rehomed.

My wife is resigned to euthanasia. I'm hoping there may be an alternative.

What alternatives ideas do you have?

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Similar thing happened when I moved in with my husband many years ago. Neutered male cat began spraying on various things around the house.

The cat was not aggressive but never warmed up to me.

We put the 10 year old cat down.

In hindsight, I wish we would had tried medication such as Prozac but I don't know if that option existed back then.

How long did you try the Prozac (I heard it can take a while to have an effect) and what were the results?

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Is she an inside/outside cat? Letting the cat outside might make her less stressed. Our 5 year old spayed cat also started marking and had aggression issues. Not with us, but she would attack windows whenever she'd see any other animal outside. Didn't matter if the animal noticed her or not, she would go crazy and run from room to room pounding on windows and guarding her turf. She also hoarded food.

All of this stopped (well mostly, I can't tell you about 100% of her pee habits since I can't watch her now) when we put her outside. She gets along with other animals, even tolerates them eating from her bowl. She doesn't shy away from strangers anymore, where before she would practically piss herself if anyone came in the house. Some cats seem suited to indoor life, but others just become neurotic.

If you're not totally comfortable putting her outside, you can try walking her daily on a leash. I've heard of this working for a lot of cats with territory issues, plus it helps them burn off pent up energy and mellow them out. If you can't handle her well, you need to get her most favorite food (boiled chicken works for mine) and feed her that anytime she even sees the leash. Eventually, progress to putting it on her.

If she won't take the food, it's either not good enough or she's too stressed to learn. You can go slower or try to push through it. With mine, she was extremely skittish about the process. She'd take food inside while on the leash but I could not lure her outside. Eventually I put her outside anyway. She would sit and meow for a long while, but as soon as she settled down I'd bring her in. That was her reward instead of food. After about 2 weeks, she looked forward to going outside and no longer cried to go back in. Don't drag her around on the leash or force her to walk though, you want it to be as positive an experience as possible.

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Have you had the cat checked for bladder infection?Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers are great for reducing stress in cats. They help prevent aggression and urine marking in the home.. I would really give these a try.

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Don't you think you owe the cat a chance with a professional before ending it's life? Contact a veterinary behaviorist or a clinical applied animal behaviorist.

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