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cookie8June 12, 2009

I went to the bank today and in the corner from the overhang and the walls the builder left cracks that are about 2 inches high and a couple inches deep. It creates the perfect nesting space for little birds like sparrows. The renters went and put up chicken wire so now there are nests with baby birds caught inside this small space. I asked a couple of the businesses if they have the renters number and got "No, because we are chains, blah blah, just an employee" so I couldn't get a number. Now what? The birds are still being fed by their mother so they aren't starving - yet. Ugh, I'm not even a bird person but feel bad.

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What would happen if you removed the chicken wire? If you don't know who put it up they wouldn't know who took it down.

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It is a stripmall so I am assuming the rental agency put it up. You would need a ladder to get up to remove it and it probably is set up in sections of 100 ft. I called the Wild Bird Centre and they say since they aren't protected species as they are probably sparrows there is nothing they can do and could be looked upon as vandalism is anyone else attempts to remove it. Plus I am 8 months pregnant and not really up to climbing the ladder right now plus my phobia of heights - a bad combo. I am telling myself "that's just the way it is, I guess".

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Its pretty inhumane to trap live birds that way. I would probably go into the store closest to the trapped birds, point out the situation to them. Have them contact the building manager. Each business in the strip mall has to have a contact number for the building manager.... I would ask them to remove the screen just until the birds fledge from the nest....

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I would also let the press know in some way. LOTS of people would be outraged by this and it would be bad advertising for the strip mall. Let the owner know that you plan on creating some waves if the wire isn't taken down.
If you stand up for this, you will have that good feeling that will go with you the rest of your life. And vice versa.

I have a bad feeling from something very small, like this, that I could have done 20 years ago but it was too inconvenient. I don't dwell on it, of course, but I do regret not doing the right thing.

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I ended up calling The Humane Society, which they called back today, so I went down to see if the birds were still trapped as they said they may just look trapped. I started to second guess myself, went and someone cut a section for them to go when ready. I did bring it to the stores attention so it probably did bother them enough. I did make sure there no others and it turns out not all the stores have the chicken wire. Weird, I guess it's an individual stores choice. Thanks for the the input anyways. Yes, I am also a dweller so I'm glad it's done with.

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